Tuesday, January 15, 2013

❤ Review: EOS G-101 (Brown) ❤

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Today I'm going to be doing yet another circle lens review on the EOS G-101.

These lens are extremely comfortable  but I find that in most causes for 1-tone lens. This means like just black or brown lens. I'm not sure exactly why, but they let my eyes breathe for a longer period of time and are very comfortable. I don't even realize I have lens in my eyes at times. Let's keep it on the dl and hypothetically you can possibly wear these for 12 hours or more (strongly not recommended).

The colour is just a dark brown that looks like your natural eye colour (assuming you are Asian and have that dark brown eye colour). Honestly, no one realized I had lens in. That is exactly how natural they are. However, if you judge on the vibrancy of these lens, it severely lacks. If you are judging on the colour in terms of how it would blend in your dark brown eyes, tis superb~

The design is a gradient of brown that feathers in the form of spikes. It doesn't have a limbal ring on the outside which adds to the natural and soft effect it has.

This is a 14.5mm enlargement and you can tell there is a difference when you compare with lens and without. However, people won't say your eyes are buggy because brown is softer than black. I was wearing my black lens before and people occasionally said, "I look freaky with black eyes," or "It's like I'm soulless doll."  These lens because they are brown, it is softer and looks natural. As I said before, no one ever points out I have lens on, but they do notice I look different -in a good way (hopefully).

Total of 4.5
My overall thoughts on these lens would be give it a whirl if your looking for your first pair of lens that are in the natural department or if you want to step into the 14.5mm, but don't want to take such a big risk. I wear these ones on a daily basis because they are currently my favorite lens. If you want something dolly and vibrant then move along my friend. These aren't the lens for you.

If you want to see how these are at different angles, I wear these in both my recent Youtube videos (below).

I made an Ask.fm if you want to ask questions... anonymously.


  1. Ooh wow, the lens give a really defined look! They're pretty! >w<
    I really love the design too! >W<
    Thank you for the review!
    I'll be sure to check out your Youtube! ^^


  2. really lovely lenses and great reviews. they look wonderful and i also like that they are quite subtle as well. thanks for the great and informative post!

    xx rae

  3. Nice! I got the smaller version of these, the E-Love U Brown, and loved them. :)

    They're definitely very naturally enhancing. (Oh, and 1-tone lenses tend to be more comfy simply because with less pigment, it's easier for oxygen to pass through the lens.)

  4. I wish I could wear these but unfortunately, my eyes are so crap that I wouldn't be able to see anything T_T



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