Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Devotion save me now♫

I ended up changing my url and stuff. Going through times, ya know? I hope you guys are doing well. 

Besides the obvious, I have a new banner and blog URL. Sadly, wished I could change my email too. Along with that my Instagram changed too. What else? Going to change my Tumblr URL once my giveaway is over (haven't decided a date LOL). Don't know what I will with the Youtube account...*rolls eyes*.

Listening to Devotion by Hurts. Yes, I watch the Vampire Diaries. I also watch True Bloods. It's good, listen to it. If it matters, I ship Damon and Elena so hard. "He's either the best thing or the worst thing for her", unlike Stefan who is the okay thing for her. Damon's love for her touches my heart *sigh*. I hope it doesn't follow the book, I want to see them together! What about you guys?

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I posted at 11/11. Maybe my wish will come true.


  1. :O The banner photo is pretty cool. Your hair looks so nice!

    1. Thanks! Had to take it myself LOL :( ya finally my hair is long like that ;3 glad you noticed

  2. love your instagram photos :)

    also your header is so pretty!

    The Misty Mom

    1. thank you for visiting :)! glad you love the photos.

  3. Love the new layout! The banner looks great :)


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