Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Circle Lens Review: EOS Jelly *G-208* in Grey

Extra photos of me with it... 

My eyes are dark brown and this shows up as a noticeable grey or blue depending on the lightning. I get asked the colour of it often.

The comforts on these are okay, nothing spectacular because I can't go around all day and not feel them. After a school day, I want to take them out cause they dry out my eyes. There are simply better lens out there in terms of comfort.

If you are looking for major dolly enlargement then these lens are for you. Make your eyes freaking huge and people sometimes say they hate them for looking so creepy or love them for it. I believe these are 14.5 mm, so make sure they aren't too big for your eyes... Since the thick limbal ring will make your eyes freaky large alongside with the actual size of the lens. 

I want it to blend more naturally in with my eyes and not just a flat 1-D gradient. It would be nice to see a noticeable gradient from black to a light grey instead. 

Tally up the scores it's a 3.5/5. These are nice for gyrau looks, but I would recommend the brown version of these lens more then this colour because it's easier to start off with. Personally, these are not the type of lens I want to reach for because it's just not my style. I'm more of a subtle lens girl or less gyaru. If you are into the whole dolly eye and heavy eye makeup... then this is IT for you. 

Repurchase? No~ Just not my style, I like natural makeup (subtle look, ulzzang more).


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    1. <3 thanks for the follow, followed you back, your blog is fantastical!

  2. very nice review dear. I also like how you add a gif image. :)

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