Sunday, September 16, 2012

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette {REVIEW}

Hey I got the review for the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette here upon request.

The palette is priced at $44 CAD at Sephora Canada. It comes with 9 eye shadows. 8 out of 9 that are highly pigmented plus a duo ended brush that has a sponge and brush tip.

The palette is divded into three rows that have Day, Classic, and Fashion looks. As well as cards to get a certain look.

Put together these create three diffrent unique looks for any occasion.

I didn't purchase the Naked palette or Naked 2 because I simply love these colours already.

It comes with a good eyeliner brush, but I couldn't care for the sponge applicator.

Behind the cover is a slot for three cards that show three different looks. Helpful if you just started out with makeup!

My favourite is Silk Teddy all over my lid to brighten it up and Push-Up in the middle of my eyes with Erotica softly blended at the end giving my eyes dimension. I wing my eyes downwards and line my lower line to connect to the bottom of my eyes with MAC fluidline gel liner with Erotica set ontop. 

I'll talk about my top 3 favourite colours in the palette which are Silk Teddy, Velvot Revolver, and Sexspresso. Also, the less than average eye-shadow Nude Beach.

Silk Teddy
Smooth shimmery chamange with a pink tone. It works amazing as a highlight for the inenr corners of the eyes or for the arch under your brows and just an all over lid colour, but you woud need to wear it another colour to not have it over power your eyes unless that's the look you're looking for.

Velvot Revolver
A matte taupe that works well as crease definition, nose contouring, and a base colour. This is my personal favourite for a nose contour instead of a traditional bronzer because it just seems to work better for that purpose. I use my ELF eyeshadow brush to apply it and blend in with my ring finger or a blending brush.

Another matte that is a dark chocolate brown. I find it most useful lining the bottom of my eyes for a softer look instead of gel or liquid liner. You can use it to darken your crease, fake a crease, definition, filling in eyebrows, contour, smokey eyes, and eyeliner.

Nude Beach
This shade is an exception to all the other shades. The glitter in this is large and visible. Not pigmented unless you use it wet. If you try to use it dry, there will be fall out on you. This is the least reached for eyeshadow for me in the whole palette because I generally do not use my eyeshadpws wet.



A perfect 4 out of 5. I think it's a good purchase that I go back to everyday because it's versatile. Stay away if you are not into the neutral shades, natural look, or a soft smoky eyes. Too Faced products packaging are always amazing, I love the style so much. I think of this as an investment and this will grow on you. Initially, I bought this and did not like it, but as time wore on...I found myself to keep reaching for it.

I have mixed feelings about repurchasing this because on one hand this is a great palette and I love it. The colours give me the looks that I want and I just don't stray away. I want to keep exploring more palettes that give you more value for the price. I would repurchase out of convenience.

Sorry I took long with this, I did this upon request of a reader :).


  1. i love this palette!

    i also did a review recently on it but i have the newer packaging (without the brush).

    1. Ah sorry i got to these late! But really? I love the brush can't believe it comes now without it :(

  2. This palette looks amazing! I am loving the colours :) Great review ^^


  3. I love the names of the eye shadows!

  4. Oh wow, I totally botched my own link -_-;;

    1. LMFAO! It's okay, it happens to all of us. I know names are so interesting in a good way.

  5. Interesting review ^^

    Love Emi


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