Saturday, September 1, 2012

August's Monthly Haul

Cute gachapon finds! I believe you may call me an addict beginning... now.
Pair of high waist skinnies in a black-dark wash denim and a pink pair -which by the way don't fit. Can't even exchange them. I guess my goal is to get skinny enough to fit theses. MOTIVATION!
The head band was a splurge buy because I don't often wear headbands. My bestfriend does LOL! I think she's rubbing off on me. She is a bow-manic.
Bodycon dresses. This pink one is conservative yet sexy and I think same goes for the lace one too.
I think I have a stationary problem. Every so often, I like to go out and buy cute notebooks. This time it's a notebook and yet another planner. I just couldn't let it go. The planner is just too cute.
Two for $7 at Aldo. I love the heart sunglasses more. Haven't touched the other pair. I guess I just want to be abnormal. 


  1. Oh, what a cute gachapon!! >< want them as well♥
    the notebook is really cute♥ owo

  2. I love gachapons! Was seriously addicted to them for a while but I find that there aren't that many cute ones available anymore.

    The notebook is beautiful!

    1. I don't know how to deal with these addictions :(! I know I saw good ones a few years back, but I wasn't too into them then. Now that I am, I can't find them anywhere. Thanks<3

  3. The gachapon is so cute!! *-* And so are all your other items, especially the bra and the planner ^^


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