Thursday, August 16, 2012

*My Treasures*

I'm pretty sure my favourites haven't changed too much from last time I posted. I like to try and use all my makeup. I said, try. What are your favourites? I use these for a natural look or a bit dramatic. These days, I've been leaning on attempting extremely dramatic makeup because it would seem interesting to look at myself so differently. This is what I enjoy about makeup, you can change yourself. 

As for my routine (what I use, how, etc etc), that will come if you guys ask ;)!


  1. The too faced palette is so gorgeous!

  2. I totally wanna try a Too Faced palette! Especially the Natural Eye. Do you have a review on it? If not, please do a review :D

    1. Sure, I'll do the review within this week for sure. Look out for it!

  3. The Too Faced palette looks super nice *3* ♡ I love how you edit your pics btw! So bright and sweet ♡

  4. I wish I had the patience for makeup. I have so many designer make up items and they're all just sitting there, waiting for me to use them for a "special occasion."


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