Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mini Princess DEBUT!

Pretty Princess took me around town, ah. Too bad I didn't end up purchasing anything. I brought Mini Princess (Hello Kitty) with us. I thought I got some weird stairs when I was taking some of the photos. I wanted to purchase Asian makeup or plushies, but didn't get to. Time was running late once we figured where we wanted to go. Since it was a spontaneous type of adventure. 

We headed off to eat first at a local sushi place, but realized why we hardly eat there. It just didn't taste good and we had a hard time stomaching the ton of food we ordered. Otherwise, it was nice for taking pictures. 

Struggling for a few hours, but ended up on the subway with Mini Princess

She had to sit alone because I was just with my boyfriend. Looking at this, you realize that people sweat so much that it has discoloured the faux fur on the chairs... LOL!

He brought me to a little cafe that served Patbingsu (I HAVE BEEN WANTING THIS FOR A WHILE, I BLAME TUMBLR). What it is shaved ice and I like ice in general or water. I use to have a habit that I would constantly chew on ice until my mom stopped me. Going to try and find an ice shvaer machine now. 

Among my other obsessions like Arkpacasso plushies Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma plushies, and finishing my room. I joked around saying, I would take a photo with all those things and we'd be playing poker. If I ever do and I remember.. look for that photo LOL!

Bye bye~

Do you guys like the .gifs?


  1. I really like the gifts! So cute! You should do more :3

    1. <3!!! Thanks second person to tell me other then my bestfriend. I really appreciate it :).

  2. ^^ The gifs are so cute. The hello kitty is cute too! Looks like you had heaps of fun out. :]

  3. Aww, cute! I love the gifs - they're so hard to make!! >w<
    The Hello Kitty plush is adorable!! @0@

    1. No they are quite easy! Except when you have to manuelly do 7+ images... then it becomes redundant because I'm doing that for 7 .gifs too :(! Thanks <3


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