Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Little Old Me

Chillin' like a villian in my room! I spend it mostly on the bed with my iPad too lazy to get the laptop, it's just too bulky for it. Do you guys think I need more plushies.. I think I need more plushies. Now let's convince my boyfriend and parents LOL!

I still can't understand what is so good about Minecraft. *sigh* It's even on the Xbox, I mean really. Come on. You can do it all in The Sims, but better.
I went to the park with some friends... then realized I'm too socially awkward to talk. I like to listen and contribute on occasion. Wow, my socializing skills, right?

Last minute plans to watch a movie, ended up a horror movie The Apparition. At the time, it was really scary. Afterwards, I realzied some of the parts didn't make sense. I mean come on. What kind of an ending is that?

I don't know why I do this to myself, but I'm easily scared yet I put myself through these horror films. It would be nice to cuddle on the bed with the lights off watching horror flicks LOL! My version of a good night. Even the floor sounds comfy for that type and perhaps a pet dog or cat. Someone please watch them with me? I come with comments throughout the movie because I roll like that. I like to watch with my whole body covered in a thick blanket with one eye poking out that I'm literally sprawled on your body.

Went to Starbucks didn't end up ordering anything. Been eating out sooooo much. Couldn't justify the extra bad junk.

Some OOTD's 

Wore this one too the movies. I looked too summery while no one else wore florals! I don't care if it's not the IT trend. I will LOVE floral all year round, every year.

Any questions you guys want to add in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). You may post a comment as Anon.


  1. Your bed is so SPARSE!! Mine is covered with stuffed animals (as well as my shelves in both my office and my room, plus I have a few bags of them on the floor. I don't have an addiction...honest). Actually, I have too many, which is why I'm trying to sell the bulk of them.

    I think the same way about horror movies! I'm such a big chicken and I jump at just about every scene and I would really much prefer to do that in the comfort of my own home where my family won't judge me for being a scaredy cat.

    1. I feel if there is a goddess of the plushies it would be you. I can only envy from afar! Perhaps one day my collection can be that big. I like to move around my plushies LOL!

      Yes, horror movies just have a weird attraction even if you hate all those feelings afterwards, it keeps you coming back.


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