Saturday, August 4, 2012

July Collective Hauling :D

For this month.... there was a local store that sold these polishes for 3 for $1. I picked up two of the same one because the colour is too precious. I have that one and the gold on my ring finger only. I've had this on my nails for weeks now... It just simply doesn't get old. I'm not sure why, but I love it.
This cute thing is a bee Rilakkuma my boyfriend brough back for me! It's adroable, simply love him.
The other Rilakkuma items my boyfriend gave me when he came from Vietnam. I haven't been able to use the case because I don't want to spoilt it with my ugly phone (iPhone 3G) and it just doesn't fit my SLR. The box is a set of Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and I can't remember the name of the bird stackable figurines. It's going to look cute in my room.
Zeller's which is a chain-store here in Canada, but sadly it's closing because Target is coming here. That store is having a closing sale and this was originally $20 and I think I paid $10 for it. I liked it because the necklace is silver. I'm pretty happy because I don't wear costume jewellery often  since it gets ruined easily. It makes me sad :(! Some of the pieces are so pretty yet they start to change colour or break. To solve this, I just stopped buying and wearing. Plus, I like simple pieces for jewlery and silver/white gold>gold ALWAYS! This came in a soft pink too, but Pretty Princess convinced me to get this since it would match more. 
I'm pretty sure he got this at the Tokyo airport and I don't want to open it. I break these sorts of phone charms easily. I'm just going to admire it in my collection like this...
He was nice enough to bring a bit of stuff my uncle bought for me in Vietnam. Below includes, 5 boxes of false eyelashes, 4 double eyelid glue/false eyelash glue, 6 tubes of false eyelash glue, and a packaging of double eyelid stickers. 
I'm pretty sure this is from The Faceshop or am I wrong?
Close up of the double eyelid stickers.
My sweet friend gifted my the three baskets and I'm really happy to have them to decorate my room with. I'm contemplating on painting them all white to match the décor, but haven't found the time or paint to yet. Found the ELF eye shadow brush and got it since mine has  cracks in the handles and I use it often.
Here in the GTA there is a store called, One's and it's a housewares store! Amazing really. I just love looking around when I get to pass a store. I've been on the hunt for an adorable water bottle for school and I found it. It even came in a light pink<3. I thought the two lead pencils (on the left) and the Hello Kitty pen were a nice addition to my school stationary. 
Ran out of my cleanser and asked my mother to pick me up one more. Funny thing the lotion breaks me out (and my boyfriend), but not this. I thought it wouldn't. I tried the Neutrogena suncreen before and loved it. Going back to this again when I run out of my Cetaphill one. Also, just more cotton swabs to apply 100% Tea Tre Oil for acne.
I got this bedsheet for my bed. I thought this bedsheet over and couldn't pass on it because it was so dainity and lovely. Even roses on it. 
Another purchase from Zeller's these are mirror bird decals for about $8 with 9 or so birds.
My mom didn't want to buy this even when she loved it too. I picked it up because how can one not like this? I'm not sure if I'm willing to give this up for the Kitchen or leave it in my room. I'm scared someone will knock it out *little brother*.
I didn't get the other bed, I still want because my boyfriend's taste and my farther's. I'm a pretty accepting person, if my boyfriend chooses furniture. I'm choosing décor! 
The shoes were $15 and bag was $20.  The shoes itself are lovely and the white is a lace detail while the laces are ribbon in a muted pink. Been looking for a cheap canvas bag for school, but had no luck until now. I didn't want to shell out for an expensive one because it's not my style since I carry more "elegant" bags outside of school. 
The white sweater is an off-white colour and the cut is normal. While the black stripped one is slightly cropped. I got them in XL and L... I was scared it would shrink in the dryer and I'm cool with loose pieces for fall and winter. 
Detail of the white front, so pretty.


  1. Nice haul :D My favorite is definitely the mirror bird decor :x The Rilakkuma is super cute!! And I wisah I found 3 for $1 sales here D;

    1. That happens to be my boyfriend's too well beside the bed. Agreed Rilakkuma is mega cute! I know what you mean, more sales please~


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