Thursday, August 23, 2012


Just a quick update, I've misplaced my camera in my house and been looking for it for the past two days. It makes me sad because I can't even recall where I put it so I can find it. I have my pictures on it and still need one more picture for the Too Face Natural Eye Palette review. It will be up when I can take the last picture. *sigh* it's an important gift from my boyfriend and I can't believe I lost it.

I can only hope it wasn't pick pocketed or dropped when I was out -I'm 99% sure it wasn't. Since I used it last taking an OOTD outside then left it on my kitchen counter to bring my little brother to the park. Next day, it's missing :(! I'm going to just update my Tumblr and Instagram until I find it or publish drafts here. you can see what's up on those social media places for me.

I really do hope it turns up where I least expect it and soon. Again, sorry guys I want to blog too!


  1. Hope you find it soon! :( I hate it when things get lost because it happens pretty frequently :(

  2. Sigh. I know the feeling too well now! Thanks for the wishes.


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