Monday, August 13, 2012

Gamer's Day

Getting ready to set off to see my Pretty Princess. Mini Princess is coming too...I have too much fun taking photos of her :D!!

We went to get two pretzels at Auntie Anne's. Love the Canadian Maple Sugar<3! Although, I think it's the sugar overload the taste is dulling on my tongue. Which is good and bad.

Headed back to his place and played some Starcraft 2, look his desktop is of us! We haven't played SC2 in months, but coming back we weren't bad. We palyed 3v3 with another friend agaisnt two teams. The first time one of the guys lagged so much he GG'd and then his friend, the last guy played until he couldn't.. LOL! He kept attacking me :(! I was on the side and didn't notice the giant ramp I had because I thought I had ONE ramp. Team mates failed to tell me too, they also failed to help me. Too bad I was too good, handles his stupid run bys with his lings.

Second game I spawned in the middle *thanks the heavens* LOL! I don't forget to build cannons still, you never know when your opponent is going to do something fishy which they did. Too bad my team mate was just too good. He had mass roaches. Could of been countered with any air unit... luckily none of the opponents made any. Their toss player, made DT's and super annoying because I couldn't remember the units to build *sigh* built a few of the wrong units before I could get the right building. My base wasn't attacked, I had my entrance to my main and expansion filled with cannons. Thus, I made my own DT's just for fun. Going to play some more SC2 with boyfriend morrow. I placed second in the team, the other guy 1st, and my boyfriend last. He got a hug for trying... <3

Being the sore loser Pretty Princess is, he makes me play Persona 4 Arena. I had to practice for a long while switching character, testing, and going back to the first one. I wanted to play the harder character because she was just too flashy, but I played as Empress. Her moves are easy and I like that she has a move that brings the opponent to you. I had a hard time doing the moves on the fighting stick since I like the controller more.

When I was home, he texted me saying he tried online gameplay... Proceeded to say, "I was more challenging," made my day! I DUH SUPER N00B IS CHALLENGING. He beat my bum 8 out of 10 times. Give me credit that most if not all, I almost killed him. Until I couldn't execute the special move when I'm awakened in the game. I ragged so much :(! I knew what I had to do, but stupid fighting stick. Hardly use it, must get better so I can beat him in this game too... :D!

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