Friday, August 10, 2012


This is how I spend my days, on my iPad. Hardly am I ever found on the laptop unless it's to update my blog or upload photos onto my Facebook account. It's so much more easier using my iPad. A lot of people say that after a certain time the novelty of this tablet fades. I disagree and find it a terrific device. 

Speaking of my iPad one of my favourite things I own. Amongst the objects below. The Hello Kitty representing the other plushies Pretty Princess gifted to me, his earrings and ring, and the first bag he's given me. Pretty Princess says he likes the LV Neverfull more, but I think that's him being a brand whore he is. 

I don't really wear much jewellery besides these and the new necklace I got because I don't like for my things to rust. Plus, I don't like gold, silver/white gold is more of my thing.

Progress of my room
if you've been following me on Instagram (shame on you, you're not following me :P!) You would know already the progress. My account is 3hearts7

First world problems: I can't seem to find the perfect place to place my bed.
Do I push it against the wall to optimize space or leave in in the middle of a wall to look more "wow" worthy. If I do push it against the wall, I feel it might looks too bland and boring. While leaving the bed in the middle of the wall, might not provide enough space for my vanity, chest of drawers, and other furniture I might want.

They want to smash the built-in closet by they, I mean my parents. Put in an Ikea PAX system preferably with the faint tree on it. Should I push to demoslish the built-in closet or push to keep it.

I bought this hat years ago and even then I hardly ever wore this. I guess I should of gotten it in a pastel shade LOL! It makes things so much more cute.


  1. Yeah, the watermelon candies are great! I love them. They don't taste like fresh watermelon but they indeed are sour then sweet! You should try them! Perhaps you will like them too.

    1. I don't about sour food >.<! I have a weak stomach for them :(

  2. Your iPad is soo cuute! Everything's pink! :)

  3. Your iPad look so cute! >w< I love the pic with Hello Kitty and your iPad♥ *-*

    1. :O! Thanks it was a spur of the moment shot LOL


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