Saturday, August 25, 2012


Despite not being able to find my camera, I used my boyfriend's camera phone. 

We went to the harbor to rent a power boat to go around the lake. Doesn't seem much fun, but it is. The water feels great even not being in it. I went with his family because his cousin is visiting with her family.

Boyfriend got me the dirty life jacket out of all the clean life jackets.. LOL! Good job!
Picture of the harbour that we were at.
See, I got really paranoid my bag would get wet so I put it in the little box that's pictured in the picture below. Thank god for my sunglasses too, protected my eye makeup from the waves! 
I'm looking totally rad, right? LOL :P!
This is my deer pose, one out of many that my boyfriend insists that I do ever so often.
Enjoying the view~
Let me tell you this, I love gachapon. He got me this cute Rilakkuma bread phone charm... I can't wait  for a new phone so I can put it on. My phone has all these Sonic and Winnie the Pooh charm on it. Don't love it, but it helps me not to lose my phone. 


  1. Replies
    1. ah i will check yours out, but thank you :)

  2. Omg power boating looks so fun! I want to try it someday. Your outfit and eyemakeup are super cute. I wish I had eyes like yours! I really love that type of makeup haha.

    1. *tears* I never really love my eyes. .. . >.<! THANK YOU<3 Yes, power boating was super fun way more than what I expected it to ever be.

  3. You look so pretty ^^ I love your shirt! And your sorta heart shaped sunnies :D

    1. Thanks<3 I got the shirt from Wildfox and ya those sunnies are <3.


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