Monday, August 6, 2012

A Pinch of Love

This is how it when down when me and Pretty Princess went to Korea Town... got lost for hours LOL :(! Ended up with nothing to bring home, but we went to Pacific Mall afterwards where again I got nothing. This all happened on Saturday.

 I got to go back again to Pacific Mall and got a BB cream and a planner :). Ah, I was looking at the jumbo Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma then proceeded to do the walk of shame. I couldn't buy it or shouldn't buy it. A fake Rilakkuma is priced at $40, a fake looking real one/that could be real is $68, a real one $128 (special sale!) to $256. 

Problems would be solved if I could go to Japan, Korea?, USA, or Hong Kong to play on those UFO/claw machine. It would be pretty awesome winning a giant plushie right? While, I'm at it I would want to pick up Arkapasso (Alpaca) plush in jumbo too! Well, maybe just 40 cm or longer. 

In other news, super jelly of Pretty Princess. He got the Samsung Galaxy S3 in blue. I want it in white or the upcoming iPhone 5. The phone works great and my most important part is the camera is fast and high resolution for what's on the market.

I watched Total Recall the original movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Let me tell you, the whole movie still baffles me. If you have time go watch it. I'm not planning to watch the remake of it because of the bad reviews and it's rating. The first one is rated R. If you have time go watch it!


  1. Lovely post ^^

    Love from Emi

  2. OMG! The alpaca or llama is soooo adorable! I want the Samsung Galaxy S3 soon since my phone is utter crap.

    1. LOL AGREEED! I don't know my iPhone 3G is still pretty bad.


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