Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Little Old Me

Chillin' like a villian in my room! I spend it mostly on the bed with my iPad too lazy to get the laptop, it's just too bulky for it. Do you guys think I need more plushies.. I think I need more plushies. Now let's convince my boyfriend and parents LOL!

I still can't understand what is so good about Minecraft. *sigh* It's even on the Xbox, I mean really. Come on. You can do it all in The Sims, but better.
I went to the park with some friends... then realized I'm too socially awkward to talk. I like to listen and contribute on occasion. Wow, my socializing skills, right?

Last minute plans to watch a movie, ended up a horror movie The Apparition. At the time, it was really scary. Afterwards, I realzied some of the parts didn't make sense. I mean come on. What kind of an ending is that?

I don't know why I do this to myself, but I'm easily scared yet I put myself through these horror films. It would be nice to cuddle on the bed with the lights off watching horror flicks LOL! My version of a good night. Even the floor sounds comfy for that type and perhaps a pet dog or cat. Someone please watch them with me? I come with comments throughout the movie because I roll like that. I like to watch with my whole body covered in a thick blanket with one eye poking out that I'm literally sprawled on your body.

Went to Starbucks didn't end up ordering anything. Been eating out sooooo much. Couldn't justify the extra bad junk.

Some OOTD's 

Wore this one too the movies. I looked too summery while no one else wore florals! I don't care if it's not the IT trend. I will LOVE floral all year round, every year.

Any questions you guys want to add in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). You may post a comment as Anon.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

G I V E A W A Y ❤

Just wondering if I did a giveaway for products that have been hardly touched by me, would you guys be interested? It would be things with basicaly 95% products left or more. If your not okay with these things then ok don't join. Please leave your feed back in the comment or would you prefer new products (then I wouldn't know when this giveaway would happen when I get a job....) If I did the giveaway with products that I don't use anymore then I could start it soon. For now it would be open to anyone in Canada, perhaps North America. I'm thinking if it should be International. I've never done this before... soooo ya.

New post below this one.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Despite not being able to find my camera, I used my boyfriend's camera phone. 

We went to the harbor to rent a power boat to go around the lake. Doesn't seem much fun, but it is. The water feels great even not being in it. I went with his family because his cousin is visiting with her family.

Boyfriend got me the dirty life jacket out of all the clean life jackets.. LOL! Good job!
Picture of the harbour that we were at.
See, I got really paranoid my bag would get wet so I put it in the little box that's pictured in the picture below. Thank god for my sunglasses too, protected my eye makeup from the waves! 
I'm looking totally rad, right? LOL :P!
This is my deer pose, one out of many that my boyfriend insists that I do ever so often.
Enjoying the view~
Let me tell you this, I love gachapon. He got me this cute Rilakkuma bread phone charm... I can't wait  for a new phone so I can put it on. My phone has all these Sonic and Winnie the Pooh charm on it. Don't love it, but it helps me not to lose my phone. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Just a quick update, I've misplaced my camera in my house and been looking for it for the past two days. It makes me sad because I can't even recall where I put it so I can find it. I have my pictures on it and still need one more picture for the Too Face Natural Eye Palette review. It will be up when I can take the last picture. *sigh* it's an important gift from my boyfriend and I can't believe I lost it.

I can only hope it wasn't pick pocketed or dropped when I was out -I'm 99% sure it wasn't. Since I used it last taking an OOTD outside then left it on my kitchen counter to bring my little brother to the park. Next day, it's missing :(! I'm going to just update my Tumblr and Instagram until I find it or publish drafts here. you can see what's up on those social media places for me.

I really do hope it turns up where I least expect it and soon. Again, sorry guys I want to blog too!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Courteous of My Boyfriend

This is the result of him helping me taking the photo for this OOTD. Please begin praising his stellar ability beginning... now.

The shoes I ended up wearing were white canvas shoes, they aren't pictured because I didn't want to wear them in the house!

I went down town Toronto on a date with my Pretty Princess in this because heels are hell for long distance, but they look too pretty to not wear sometimes.

I cannot express how much I can thank him for taking this photo for me!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

*My Treasures*

I'm pretty sure my favourites haven't changed too much from last time I posted. I like to try and use all my makeup. I said, try. What are your favourites? I use these for a natural look or a bit dramatic. These days, I've been leaning on attempting extremely dramatic makeup because it would seem interesting to look at myself so differently. This is what I enjoy about makeup, you can change yourself. 

As for my routine (what I use, how, etc etc), that will come if you guys ask ;)!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Obession is Getting Out of Hand

  I regret not getting the $68 fake or real looking jumbo Rilakkuma at Pacific Mall. God is taunting me with all those photos of Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma. I want to get a matching Korilakkuma that's slightly smaller then Rilakkuma. 

Next on my list would be to purchase a Arpakasso, it would be next to have a jumbo one, but I think I would prefer a small hand sized one or one the same size as Mini Princess. Then I can bring it around to take photos LOL! I feel it would be incomplete with just one Arkpacasso, thus I would purchase two! Pretty OCD that way that things must be in an even number. I want two of the pastel alpacas<3... or just one giant pastel one :P would be great too.

My Melody is another growing desire of mine, I want to find her in a soft pink and not the usual hot pink color. Ah, she looks too adorable! Another Saniro character is Cinnamoroll! It looks too adorable.

I wonder if I could find any Mamegoma cell phone charms too :D! The plush would be a preimium bonus. I'm in serious consideration of begging asking my dad to order these online!

While we are on this, I need to find an ice shaver machine to make some Patbingsu! Want some :P. I think I would skip all the steps and just eat the shaved ice because I enjoy it plain too.

I've never had this type of problem before, it feels like its consuming me. How do people deal with these types of wants. *Sigh* first world problems.

I must be out of my mind because I'm writing this at 3:00 AM... I just felt like I needed to get this out of my system or I would rummage for my dad's VISA card and proceed to gamble my chances on the first site that would sell those items. Yes, I have it bad.... OTL

Otherwise, I've been thinking is the yummy, but bad Carmel pudding drink I had two weeks ago. It was THAT good. Now I want pudding too >.<!

For the people that say get over it.....


Sorry for my ranting guys :(!

None of these images are mine, they go to their respective person(s).

Monday, August 13, 2012

Gamer's Day

Getting ready to set off to see my Pretty Princess. Mini Princess is coming too...I have too much fun taking photos of her :D!!

We went to get two pretzels at Auntie Anne's. Love the Canadian Maple Sugar<3! Although, I think it's the sugar overload the taste is dulling on my tongue. Which is good and bad.

Headed back to his place and played some Starcraft 2, look his desktop is of us! We haven't played SC2 in months, but coming back we weren't bad. We palyed 3v3 with another friend agaisnt two teams. The first time one of the guys lagged so much he GG'd and then his friend, the last guy played until he couldn't.. LOL! He kept attacking me :(! I was on the side and didn't notice the giant ramp I had because I thought I had ONE ramp. Team mates failed to tell me too, they also failed to help me. Too bad I was too good, handles his stupid run bys with his lings.

Second game I spawned in the middle *thanks the heavens* LOL! I don't forget to build cannons still, you never know when your opponent is going to do something fishy which they did. Too bad my team mate was just too good. He had mass roaches. Could of been countered with any air unit... luckily none of the opponents made any. Their toss player, made DT's and super annoying because I couldn't remember the units to build *sigh* built a few of the wrong units before I could get the right building. My base wasn't attacked, I had my entrance to my main and expansion filled with cannons. Thus, I made my own DT's just for fun. Going to play some more SC2 with boyfriend morrow. I placed second in the team, the other guy 1st, and my boyfriend last. He got a hug for trying... <3

Being the sore loser Pretty Princess is, he makes me play Persona 4 Arena. I had to practice for a long while switching character, testing, and going back to the first one. I wanted to play the harder character because she was just too flashy, but I played as Empress. Her moves are easy and I like that she has a move that brings the opponent to you. I had a hard time doing the moves on the fighting stick since I like the controller more.

When I was home, he texted me saying he tried online gameplay... Proceeded to say, "I was more challenging," made my day! I DUH SUPER N00B IS CHALLENGING. He beat my bum 8 out of 10 times. Give me credit that most if not all, I almost killed him. Until I couldn't execute the special move when I'm awakened in the game. I ragged so much :(! I knew what I had to do, but stupid fighting stick. Hardly use it, must get better so I can beat him in this game too... :D!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mini Princess DEBUT!

Pretty Princess took me around town, ah. Too bad I didn't end up purchasing anything. I brought Mini Princess (Hello Kitty) with us. I thought I got some weird stairs when I was taking some of the photos. I wanted to purchase Asian makeup or plushies, but didn't get to. Time was running late once we figured where we wanted to go. Since it was a spontaneous type of adventure. 

We headed off to eat first at a local sushi place, but realized why we hardly eat there. It just didn't taste good and we had a hard time stomaching the ton of food we ordered. Otherwise, it was nice for taking pictures. 

Struggling for a few hours, but ended up on the subway with Mini Princess

She had to sit alone because I was just with my boyfriend. Looking at this, you realize that people sweat so much that it has discoloured the faux fur on the chairs... LOL!

He brought me to a little cafe that served Patbingsu (I HAVE BEEN WANTING THIS FOR A WHILE, I BLAME TUMBLR). What it is shaved ice and I like ice in general or water. I use to have a habit that I would constantly chew on ice until my mom stopped me. Going to try and find an ice shvaer machine now. 

Among my other obsessions like Arkpacasso plushies Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma plushies, and finishing my room. I joked around saying, I would take a photo with all those things and we'd be playing poker. If I ever do and I remember.. look for that photo LOL!

Bye bye~

Do you guys like the .gifs?

Friday, August 10, 2012


This is how I spend my days, on my iPad. Hardly am I ever found on the laptop unless it's to update my blog or upload photos onto my Facebook account. It's so much more easier using my iPad. A lot of people say that after a certain time the novelty of this tablet fades. I disagree and find it a terrific device. 

Speaking of my iPad one of my favourite things I own. Amongst the objects below. The Hello Kitty representing the other plushies Pretty Princess gifted to me, his earrings and ring, and the first bag he's given me. Pretty Princess says he likes the LV Neverfull more, but I think that's him being a brand whore he is. 

I don't really wear much jewellery besides these and the new necklace I got because I don't like for my things to rust. Plus, I don't like gold, silver/white gold is more of my thing.

Progress of my room
if you've been following me on Instagram (shame on you, you're not following me :P!) You would know already the progress. My account is 3hearts7

First world problems: I can't seem to find the perfect place to place my bed.
Do I push it against the wall to optimize space or leave in in the middle of a wall to look more "wow" worthy. If I do push it against the wall, I feel it might looks too bland and boring. While leaving the bed in the middle of the wall, might not provide enough space for my vanity, chest of drawers, and other furniture I might want.

They want to smash the built-in closet by they, I mean my parents. Put in an Ikea PAX system preferably with the faint tree on it. Should I push to demoslish the built-in closet or push to keep it.

I bought this hat years ago and even then I hardly ever wore this. I guess I should of gotten it in a pastel shade LOL! It makes things so much more cute.

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