Sunday, July 22, 2012


Here are the photos of the San-X (mostly Rilakkuma) stuff my boyfriend brought back for me from Vietnam and Japan -when he was at the airport there. Do you guys like the photos? LOL! I HOPE TO AMASS A SMALL RILAKKUMA ARMY SOMEDAY. SOMEDAY! One can always dream, right? 
It was Pretty Princess's birthday on the 20th, celebrated with him and his friend. I would show photos, but I left my camera at his place. Now I feel like taking pictures and blogging, but no camera in sight. Let's not talk about why I cannot use my phone camera... Will talk about that another time, alrighty?

I have the iPhone 3G, three years old and hoping to get a new phone soon. I'm still in the indecisive  phase of choosing Apple or Android. I want to use an Android because I saw many pretty custom themes (I think that's what it's called, the user interface is what I'm talking about!). As well as, the Korean dramas have gotten to me. I see everyone clearly advertising those Android phones makes me envious, but at the same time the celebs are using iPhones. My phone plan has expired, still trying to pick.

Amongst other things is the decisions with my furniture choices LOL! I have to pick something me and Pretty Princess consdering the future. I like simplistic and Victorian. While he only likes simplicity and hates my love for Victorian styled furniture. He doesn't share the same enthusiasm for this stuff... No, I also like the MALM series, but not love!

I loves:

He loves (think Apple store like):

What are your inputs? Oh any FAQ you guys want me to add? I mean don't be scared you can even comment as Anon if you want :).


  1. Your Rila collection is so cute. :D I like your room design better as well, seems like my kind of dream room!

    1. >.<! I have a few more pieces. LOL finally someone agrees with me!


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