Monday, July 9, 2012

New Room Part 1

Photo from my Instagram @3hearts7
This is a photo of it current except I removed the mattress and pulled the bed away from that wall a bit so I can tape it.

Everything has taken a backseat as I urge my family to help push the furniture so I can paint my soon to be new room it. Catch is, I don't have the paint yet. Finished taping everything too, so proud I did it myself.  Otherwise, I'm so brilliant... for forgetting the paint My dad is saying, I can't paint and I'll ruin everything and now I can't paint anything. I don't like playing this waiting game, so boring. I want to do something because knowing my dad he likes to procrastinate with home fixes and such. It makes me super disappointed. I'm the type if I start a project, typically I want to finish it when I can. The idea is to paint the room a pastel pink, I wanted an accent wall on the left wall in a delicate wallpaper pattern, but I haven't been able to find any that I love.

I'm going for kind of a white floral Victorian theme. I want to wrap red to pink and white flowers around the bed if I can. One of the most exciting things, I've been doing these past days, cleaning out the room by myself and taping it to paint! Now to paint... I'm nervous because I'm scared of what if it won't happen. This is why I want to do it ASAP. At the same time, I already broke a vase just by lightly poking it and it fell as a walked away. I ran scared for the hills in case my dad was going to yell at me. One of the scariest things ever. Trying to find a canopy or a way I can hang one from the ceiling and let it fall nicely, but not one that hands just on the head of the bed in the shape of the circle.

The dream bed, I want! Items below, I want for sure.

LEIRVIK bedframe in white
UTSIRA mirror 
KRISTALLER chandelier

I can be okay with not getting these, but I would get something in a similar style.
EMELINA KNOPP duver cover and pillowcases
I would just get this and maybe a side table from the same line.
BIRKELAND 6-drawer chest in white
If I don't get the BIRKELAND one, I would get this line instead, but again these are items I would be okay getting similar styles. What dres me to this is the skinnier chest of drawers has a mirror!
MALM 6-drawer chest in white
MALM 6-drawer dresser in white with mirror glass
MALM storage unit
Should I get this to put on the side of my room kind of as a diver as you go in? I'm not sure if it would fit and still make the room open.
EXPEDIT shelving unit
Baroque Mirror in white 

Any ideas where I can get nice wallpaper in the GTA? What sties that have stores in Ontario that sell Victorian-esk things. I'm thinking about visiting fleas to see what they have after I finish painting and stuff. Seen Youtube videos and I'm convinced that products in the UK are items that I would love, but they just don't sell much here. MY LIFE.


  1. Your room is going to be so cute. Good luck finding the perfect wallpaper. :D

    1. Thanks, but sadly by the loos of things it's not going too well >.<!

  2. Very cute & elegant n___n ♡ I also want my room to be very light and simple but I also want to keep my k-pop posters ahah XD

    1. Thank you, I was going for that :D! Maybe frame your posters for them to fit in.

  3. Good luck with the decorating! I love your taste - very pretty and soft!
    I hope you find everything you're looking for! ^^

    1. Thank ヽ(;▽;)ノ…hope I can start painting OTL!

  4. :D now I want to decorate my room too :) white alwys looks so cute especially with pink :3 I´m looking forward to the result ;)

    1. Really?! (^w^) Glad I can inspire you! Thanks a lot :).


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