Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June Collective Haul

Hey guys, I'm back with June's collective haul. Sigh... Life takes it toll on you, naw mean? Pretty Princess will be gone for 10 long hellish days. What will I do now? I'll wallow in books and shows, becoming a hermit perhaps or catch up on making videos and blogging. I'm going to do a Love Rain styling video instead of a post about the drama, maybe a combination of both. Does that interest any of you people out there? I still have to do that Award tag.. I'm behind. Don't kill me! It's the summer that's making my sluggish. I'll post a more personal post sometime. 
$6 from H&M
$15 from Pacific Mall
From right to left
$4 Headband (love it!)
$2 Face mask brush
$4 Scrubbing pad
$25 Scar gel
$4 Facial sponge (HOW DID I LIVE WITHOUT THIS?)
A free blue macaroon key chain in the polka dotted wrapping

All from Pacific Mall
From right to left
$11 Toner from S&H Health Food
$16 Pure Tea Tree Oil (T___T! Boyfriend's dad bought for me, I'm so grateful! I was going to pay him) from Costco
Concentrated pure vitamin E oil from S&H Health Food
Louis Vuitton Sobe Clutch in Rouge Grenadine
Now this is how the eyebrow video turned up... bad I was out of frame. I'm going to wait until they grow out again to film or film anyways and attempt to explain to the best of my ability. If you want detailed posts on anything, leave a comment below :D!

Yes, you only like oreos.


  1. is that LV real...?

  2. So many cute stuff! I like the top :)

    1. Thanks! I've misplaced it tho :(

  3. omgosh! i`ve been looking for that clutch everywhere! which LV boutique in TO did you find it at?

    1. The one in Yorkdale, I'm pretty darn sure. I didn't personally get it, but my parents did.


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