Sunday, June 3, 2012


I ended up purchasing a high-low skirt because it was in a colour I loved as well was $5. I don't know what I'll do with the corset, but I'll be one sexy beast... right?! Broke down and shopped, but bought things if I could in a smaller size then what I use to be. I want to be kawaii desu too guys! Everything around $40 CAD for my clothing haul.

Just got it and swatched, it's like so far pretty darn smudge proof and water proof. I'm lazy to test if it's oily proof. I picked it up in brown for a softer look. Interested in a review? I was really impressive because unless I rubbed extremely rough, it did not move. Even when it did, just a bit flaked off. This cost around $6 CAD. This was more or less of a compulsive purchase due to I have so many eyeliners, but I they aren't just cutting it for me now. I love it so far! Easily removed with oil based makeup remover, indeed this is H2O Proof.

I'm heading off to a wedding at the end of this month and snagged my dress. I swear it was on a rack with $24.99 sign on it. I tried it on, it was great, love it to death. My mom checked the price, she said it's $59.99 and we decided to get it despite the price, but as we rang out it was $24.99 without tax. Steal? I think so because we went to a higher end store to look for dresses and none of them fit me and cheapest was $50, everything ranged from $100-$300 there. It hugs in all the right places for me. Also, it was a new arrival item -or I think so because it was at the front of the store. Forget to add, picked this up at H&M, it's a size 4 and fits good. Usually size 4 is a bit big, this is more snug on me.


with me in a change room 

Wearing the new skirt, didn't wear heels. Wish I did, but parents argued pretty impressive. Opted for my Steve Madden oxfords -I need to clean them!


  1. I hope you don't find this offensive, but I really think that you would look better without circle lenses! The colour and size look a little strange in the photos. :-(

    1. Thanks! But I also use them to see, I don't like glasses very much. Maybe I'll try a different type of lens next time :).

  2. :D Lovely haul! Om nom nom bunny. >:]


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