Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weight Loss

A reader asked me to talk (which could mean do a post) about my weight lost. Let me clear up some items first off: I do not consider this a diet,  I do not promote people to starve themselves, and this to me is for a healthier lifestyle.

Misconceptions of people beginning a diet is eat little to nothing then crash and burn. By crashing and burning I mean people will start to binge eat. That's not good because your going to be putting in the assumed junk food in your body and your going to be eating more than you would of in the first place. Since your body feels starving, you'll just continue to eat until your bloated. It's not a good thing to be bloated since it's a sign you've reached a limit. I always eat just to be full, not the bloated where (OH.. SWEET *^%$#$& I CAN'T EAT ANY MORE IF MY LIFE DEPENDED ON IT)  you just cannot swallow another bite. In the first place, diets aren't good for you. Especially those fad diets where you cut out all a food group, specific food, etc, etc. Such as just eating a salad or cutting out all carbohydrates. There are good carbs and bad, learn to differentiate them! The big problem here is your could be lessening the nutrients your taking into your body and results need to be maintained which can be hard. You are essentially doing more harm than good. The reason those fad diets are popular because people want to lose weight and not it be a hassle. It just comes down to exercise and healthy food. 

THERE IS NO WAY AROUND IT. Except if you include diet pills, surgery, diseases, illness, metabolism speeding up (doubt that would happy :(! I wish) , crash diets, and so forth.

What I did or did not consume (in a easy to read point form list, courtesy of me):

  • Packed lunch day before
  • Started to bring a water bottle for school, staying hydrated through the day is good
  • Avoided my love that cannot happen food which include:
    • Anything deep fried
    • Oily food
    • White rice, white bread, pasta you get it? Substitute with whole grain 
    • Instant noodles
    • Anything with trans-fat which includes labels indicating hydrogenated (equally as bad as trans-fat or even worst)
    • Milk substituted with soy or almond
    • Chocolate substitute with once in a while dark chocolate
    • Carbonated beverages (I didn't like these in the first place)
    • Frozen dinner, snacks, treats, meals, etc 
      • Freezies
      • Slushies
      • Pizza Pockets
      • TV dinners
    • Processed/frozen food
    • Eating out on a daily basis
    • Fast food establishments such as:
      • McDonalds
      • Burger Kings
      • Five Guys
      • Tim Hortons
      • Starbucks
    • Coffee (Starbucks or Tim Hortons people, lots of bad stuff in those drinks plus unneeded or unused calories)
    • Candy
    • Artificially coloured products
    • Petroleum by products such as canned whip cream
    • Excessive cheese or sauces like itlaian, ranch, mayonese
    • Alcohol
    • Narcotics
You shouldn't be smoking either even if it does help suppress weight. If you do smoke try put a tissue in front of you mouth and exhale. Look at it because that's the tar you put in your lungs. It's killing you, slowly. This is not a rant why I strongly advocate against smoking, back to topic! I could go on and on about what you shouldn't really be putting in your mouth, but you know it's going to be redundant and I'm sure you can find out more if you dig a little on the Internet. Okay, now let's be realistic. I will attempt not to consume these, but when my days are bad I like to have some of this stuff and there are off days too. Just be concious of what your putting in your body. Since eating is suppose to be an enjoyable task a human does. Eating smaller portions helps to to boost metabolism, instead of big meals try eating smaller meals within a day. Lots of water to drink is great for the body and mind. You don't really need any other beverages, but water unless your an extreme athlete or similar. I mean, water is one of the most precious things Mother Earth can give, you are privileged enough to have clean water (assuming you have Internet connection and you can read my blog, it'll be assumed that you have access to clean water too), why are you drinking other things?!

Foods that I like to eat are fruits, vegetables, yogurt, skimmed milk, soy milk, nuts, and "stinky" smelling food like fish, crab, fish balls, snail, and squid. Don't judge me, they just taste good to me, I grew up my mom giving it to me as a child. I've grown to love it really. I'm not disgusted by it, but delighted by the smell because it's so good! Don't worry I do like cute and appropriate foods too like strawberries, red apples, spinach, Romania lettuce, etc. I usually like my foods salty, I add salt and pepper to them and if I make my fish I add my favorite seasoning, Mrs. Dash in herb and garlic. It's fine if you add salt to your food, it's not okay when you buy frozen food and premade food at the store. Have you checked the sodium in those things, ridiculously high concentrations. This means soy sauce too! Your not going to be at a higher risk of disease and infections, unless you are adding a whole cup load of salt. I'm talking about just sprinkling some salt onto your food. Don't get crazy here with me!  It's really all up to you as to what kind of vegetable or fruit, etc to eat. I love potatoes, but I substitute with sweet potatoes instead. 

Try looking online about more information about food because yes eating the stuff I've listed can be healthy, but at the same time it can be bad for you. For instant deep frying it makes it bad or having too much at once will make you sick of it plus your lacking vitamins and nutrients now. I occasionally drink herbal green tea to detox my body, try not to drink it too much. I'm really paranoid because tea can be carcinogenesis, but the data is lacking to boost it. I'd rather be safe then sorry. Herbal tea stains your teeth more then coffee can and I'm from an Asian decent drinking tea causes your "internal" temperature to rise. If I drink too much my "internal" temperature will make me have a nose bleed and get acne. That's why I have to be picky with things I choose to put in my mouth. Overall, if I eat overly processed food like candy or Coke my nose will bleed and I'll break out. This includes a selection of fruits, vegetables, and everything else.  

If you do choose to drink herbal tea, it does have great health benefits such as detox of body which is good to have occasionally. Also, buy a high grade herbal tea because like some beauty products, you get what you pay for. Limit your consumption of it to a cup or two every week or two. I drink occasionally a few times in a month sometimes I forget to. Do not drink caffeinated tea or tea with sugar, you might as well drink soda or not drink tea at all. I like to check the labels of what I buy all the time if they provide it because I want to be aware of what I can be consuming. Make sure you check and see if you can read the names of what's in it. I mean, if it's 193847594 ingredients and most of them you can't read, then the nutrient ion value is close to none with lots of calories, don't buy it. Chances are it will do more harm then good. Try learning about the stuff they pack into the food you buy, it could be useful to know. I'm sorry, I forgot to add this segment. Please forgive me, I just wanted to know I'm not a lazy bum! I do remember, it's just I've been busy with other parts of my life. I hope this helps you people out there


in context of losing weight
No matter what, if you can keep your eyes on the goal, you will be able to do reach it one day! Don't forget it. If your almost there, don't slack because it's demotivate you once you look at the scale, you'll be sad. All I can say is keep at it and stay constant. Be within a short-term goal you want to reach, say you are 156 pounds and your goal is 5-10 pounds soon. After you reach it, try making it 5-10 pounds more until you reach your long-term goal. Don't push yourself because that's not good at all. It helps to have pictures of what you hope to look like or have someone to look up to. As well as, people who support you.

I'm currently able to work out again with Summer here. I hope to reach my goal soon. Do you guys want to see a progress post (after I'm at my goal). I'm working on the other posts, please do forgive me! Some of the products I cannot review because I can't use them now due to the weather. If you have any questions please post below.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Quick OOTD

Quick OOTD update. Casually studying in the library in this.

Exam week is here. I'll be updating my Instagram @3hearts7 more or my Tumblr. Just because it's easier for me to do quick updates there. Sorry, I've been too bust to update here guys.

Look at this sweet potatoe... it's freaking huge. It's going to feed me for a few meals.

Friday, June 8, 2012


My friend made this! I'm really proud of her, my little girl is growing up so fast. Although, grapes were too sour for me -I have sensitive taste buds. I loved the circular melon dew. It's called a fruit bouquet, it's all in skewered in a cabbage if your wondering. She's a really close friend of mine :).

Didn't like this pad thai too much, got it at a Vietnamese pho place. I don't go there unless I'm with my parents or older Asians.

That's really all, I'm trying to study for exams and stuff.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


I ended up purchasing a high-low skirt because it was in a colour I loved as well was $5. I don't know what I'll do with the corset, but I'll be one sexy beast... right?! Broke down and shopped, but bought things if I could in a smaller size then what I use to be. I want to be kawaii desu too guys! Everything around $40 CAD for my clothing haul.

Just got it and swatched, it's like so far pretty darn smudge proof and water proof. I'm lazy to test if it's oily proof. I picked it up in brown for a softer look. Interested in a review? I was really impressive because unless I rubbed extremely rough, it did not move. Even when it did, just a bit flaked off. This cost around $6 CAD. This was more or less of a compulsive purchase due to I have so many eyeliners, but I they aren't just cutting it for me now. I love it so far! Easily removed with oil based makeup remover, indeed this is H2O Proof.

I'm heading off to a wedding at the end of this month and snagged my dress. I swear it was on a rack with $24.99 sign on it. I tried it on, it was great, love it to death. My mom checked the price, she said it's $59.99 and we decided to get it despite the price, but as we rang out it was $24.99 without tax. Steal? I think so because we went to a higher end store to look for dresses and none of them fit me and cheapest was $50, everything ranged from $100-$300 there. It hugs in all the right places for me. Also, it was a new arrival item -or I think so because it was at the front of the store. Forget to add, picked this up at H&M, it's a size 4 and fits good. Usually size 4 is a bit big, this is more snug on me.


with me in a change room 

Wearing the new skirt, didn't wear heels. Wish I did, but parents argued pretty impressive. Opted for my Steve Madden oxfords -I need to clean them!

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