Thursday, May 31, 2012

Where did I go?

Shawarma from a local place, taste good unlike Extreme Pita's that even cost more, had less meat, and sauce was too creamy.
Extreme Pita's shawarma, don't recommend! Don't get it guys.
I love the Pretz the most :)!
Favourite chips, taste so good, yet so bad. I only get to eat when I'm super lucky or sad.
I went out to Vicrotria day with my boyfriend and his family. The dish below was my favourite, it just tasted too good. Composed of a wrap, skin of duck, sauce, and green onion. Not the healthiest, but it was a holiday. Also scored brownie points because I love finger food.
Boyfriend had to help me with what I didn't finish...
Don't be mistaken, I drank most of our water...LOL!
My soul has gone to this: 
Luckily, I don't have it at home or I'd rot away. Only level 48 on my witch doctor since I can only play at my boyfriend's place. My damage sucks! I need better equips :(! Only 1.5k! I hear people hitting 2k to even about 10k at this level. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? Exams are soon, I won't be able to post as frequent. 

I didn't post frequently as well because my mood just felt overall sad. It's a touchy subject, but I hope you guys understand :). I've been having tests and I have a an essay due, and other stuff I probably cannot recall at the moment. If you guys want I can update via Instagram on little things instead of vain shots of myself. My instagram pictures can be viewed in my side bar or you can follow me @3hearts7. I'll be here; studying, procrastinating, playing Diablo (at boyfriend's),and more studying! I haven't forgot the requested posts, I'm working on them. Gosh, one of my eyebrows are groomed while the other one isn't. I didn't get time to film the eyebrow video. Half a post is done for the diet and the reviews are still in process of testing the items. If I forgot anything please comment below guys. Look out, I have a small haul and updates about Love Rain coming up.


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