Friday, May 18, 2012

This & That

I went to the mall by myself to just solely pick up a Lush bath bomb. Funny thing is I haven't even used it yet! I got Rose Queen because it was so fragrant and I thought the smell would disipate a little when I did use it. I just made a bubble bath to wind down that night because I think I was too stressed about life.

Ended up not using the bath bomb and made a bubble bath instead. 

This is how I pass time waiting at the bus stop to go to my boyfriend's place...

He greets me with a bike (for himself). Quite evil if you ask me...

I finally got to go watch The Avengers with my boyfriend at the theatres in 3D. I don't notice the 3D much compared to Ultra AVX. My bias is now Thor or Hulk. I love the scene with Loki talking about how great he is then Hulk smashes him. Overall, the movie is actually comical and great for putting all these different characters together to make a quality film. It's a must watch guys, go go go!

We got some snacks at the Dollarstore near the theatres cause is it me or is the concession stand prices ridiculous sometimes. I took the photo in the theatre.

We got subway the next day, same exact thing. He's being a copy cat! Never use to get it until I got it.

I got my mom a card for mother's day, but didn't get the chance to take a photograph of it. We went out to some Chinese resturant to celebrate. I love soft shell crab and curry.

I'm super sad I got Diablo 3, but it can't run smoothly. Going to pray for a new desktop or laptop.


  1. I actually just got back from watching The Avengers! I thought it was a pretty good movie...but I wouldn't say it's as good as how EVERYONE seemed to rave about.

    Anyways, the food looks so good!

    Ahh you're into Diablo 3 too?!

    1. I know what you mean how sometimes things get all hyped up! Yes I am currently at level 20 witch doctor. I started late :(! Plus I can only play at my bf's house. My laptop and desktop can't run it. Hopefully getting a better set up soon~

  2. :( Ah lame that diablo doesn't work! Did you check whether your specs match? Your boyfriend is a bit of a troll with the bike haha.

    1. Ya it doesn't worked I've checked and tried to see if my driver could be update. Hopefully I'll get a new rig so ya.. >.<! LVL 20 now. Almost finished the game! He's a big troll :(


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