Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Review of AsianKoreanFashion Online Shop!

Hey! I wanted to share with you guys my 1st sponsor which is exciting for me. You can check them out at http://www.asiankoreanfashion.com. They contacted me about the beginning of the month or so and asked if I wanted to do a review on a product of theirs that I could choose. I received it last Thursday, wore it first on Friday, but didn't have the chance  to take photos of me in it because my body was really tried after. I got to it now!

About Them - taken from their website
"Feel your heart Beauty your life

Asian Korean Fashion re-set up on 2011.We move from old server to new server ,more professional website.

Since the beginning of 2007, is a Hong Kong, China based online fashion boutique retailer/wholesaler.

We feature newest trend from Asia with authentic brands. Seal approved , Quality inspected!
Fun, Sexy, Night outs, Professional, Casual. We cover 100%, 0 failure.

Asian Korean Fashion  updates new styles and product daily and we hope you love what we love.

We understand that fashion market wants unique and special ladies clothes, so we are always adding beautiful new styles to our store from Hong Kong, China collections.

Over the past few years, we have been earning customers from all over the world. Therefore, you may shop with confidence with us under our reliable and secure management. We aim at offering you a delightful and relaxing shopping experience. We are always trying our very best to keep up our customer service.
We have substantial customers from all over of the world as we ship worldwide. Our excellent connections and intensive cooperation with our global customers and retailers ensure us to know which outfit styles and fashion trends we should bring to our customers, at affordable prices and in a convenient way."
Let's start out on how you suspect an item is suppose to look like on the site. Oh, I got a ViVi magazine White Flower Dress-inpired

Photos from their website

IT LOOKS PRETTY NICE RIGHT! Crossing fingers that it actually worth it...

Back, the buttons are a bit loose, but can sewed to reinforce them
Front, pretty plain, you need to dress it up! The neckline is just a swoop.

It looks almost like an identical of the ViVi one! Besides the lace flowers being slightly different! Which is amazing because the times I've have ordered clothes online, the item would be, "Did I order this?" or "What is this?! I didn't buy this!" I'm really happy with this item. I've been getting into gyaru fashion lately (I blame XiaXue, she's such an inspiration to me). The only minor problem is a red mark on the sleeve of an arm, I mean it's white, I can bleach it. Plus no one points it out and it's barely noticeable. As for loose threads there were some, but it's called taking scissors and cutting it off, problem solve! I know I'm a genius.  

I think I'm bigger than the girl in the model picture which is why this is slightly shorter on me for reference I'm about 5'4" and fit a size XS-M shirt size in stores. M is usually now a looser fit while an XS is a curve hugging one. I didn't wear the belt because I don't like belts, I never really have I just left it out, instead put on a lockit my boyfriend got me. It reaches about past my arms when I put them to the side, not too short, but I would reccomend wearing it with shorts under or stockings just in case you decide to bend down, if you as "tall" as me. This only came in one size, so this is what I'm giving you guys. It does have measurements on the site. If you are wondering if this stretches it does, but just a bit. The zipper is located on left side and not the back because of the button detailing.

Cost: $16.85 CAD

Shipping Cost: $7.69 CAD
With Shipping: $24.46 CAD

Shipping Cost: $7.69 CAD--->$3.69 CAD
With Shipping: $24.46 CAD---> $20.54CAD

It's going to cost $25+  --->$20+

THEY CHANGED THEIR SHIPPING RATE WHICH IS GOOD FOR US :D! I wouldn't complain if I were you, that's at least half of the amount it was. 

Verdict: I would buy more in bulk if they offered (and I could buy online more easily, but truth is I can't really). They have fairly good customer service, I mean I'm not going to be expecting them to be 100% fluent in English because they are Hong Kong based and they are a smaller company. I would be happy to to wear another piece from them if given the chance. The price is good since if you want a piece like this in retail, it's going to cost $25+ around here and the small marking found on the shirt. Overall, I was a happy camper. Compared to larger stores where an item cost $24 flat for Korean to Japanese fashion without shipping or minimum order. Even with places that sell things maybe for $5 an item, it sucks because chances are you need a minimum order of $150+ for free shipping if not shipping is going to cost you some crazy amount. I recommend if you want just one item here, it doesn't come out to be much. It came at a really fast rate to me (take out all the confirmation time) and only took 5 days (airmail)! Price wise? It's not the cheapest, but the quality is pretty good! It won't fall apart, but this is only the first item I've ever received from them, please note that.


Gosh, it really reminds me of Gyaru fashion more then Korean. I love this to bits, I would wear it more, but I think people would notice, "Hey that girl is wearing the same thing everyday! SHE SMELLS STINKY." Otherwise, I think I would if I could get away with it like in the cartoons.

Please check out AsianKoreanFashion on Facebook. Also visit their store site at http://www.asiankoreanfashion.com/ for more items that are appareljewellery, purses, and more!

Disclaimer: This is my honest opinion, I was given the product, but I could of written it however I want nor did I have to mention their Facebook fan page or really recommend anyone this. As a gesture of appreciation I have added an ad for them on my sidebar for a full month. I did not need to do this, but I wanted to show my thanks as they are my first sponsors.  


  1. Congrats on your sponsorship! That dress is super cute :D

  2. Congratulations ! The dress is adorable ~

  3. Congrats on your first sponsorship! I don't know if it's the angle of the camera, but looks too short on you it looks sort of like the length of a long shirt. It's still a cute top though!

    1. It's could be worn with leggings or as. short dress which I choose. When I wore it out, I wore it with tights. It was just in the wash when/too lazy when I took the photos. My friend in real life also pointed it out x)! But thanks!

  4. Congratulations! But I think it is too short :(

    1. Ya my friend thinks so too! But I wore it out with tights lol. I'd probably wear it out with jean shorts too,

  5. The dress is so pretty, it's very gyaru indeed though. xD Are you really tall though? Cos most asian fashion is designed for tiny girls (like me ;____;) Haha!

    1. Only 5'4" I don't know iff that's "tall" and I hope I fit in that category (or try to LOL).

  6. Cute but looks really short!!


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