Friday, May 11, 2012

Maybelline Illegal Length mascara (waterproof) REVIEW

I've been putting off this review because of my eyes, but they've gotten pretty good now. 
Reviewing the Maybelline Illegal Length mascara in waterproof.

The product itself is suppose to have fibres on it which is the small hair like things you can see on the mascara wand. The colour is a true black. It really does add more volume, but I don't use this product alone. 

Plain old lashes below! 

I'll update later with the actual product pictures, I thought I had some stored on my laptop.


I like this mascara, but without a mascara primer or another mascara underneath it will flake then smear onto the bottom of your eyes. I did wear it alone at school and I found by the end of the day I had raccoon eyes. Be warned. It gives a more defined and lengthen eye look. Not too over bearing, but just enough for me. Note, I don't clump on my mascara or really like it clumpy. I'm working on getting better on the application. This is a lot like the Maybelline Lash Stiletto in waterproof to and I own both. I use this in my Mascara routine and it stays on all day, little to no smudging, transfer, etc, etc for me. The down side of the routine is that it killer to remove. Illegal Length is easily removed, but I have to be just wearing this. Chances are I won't because it sucks alone.
Re-purchase? Yes if on sale
Recommend? Yes/No only if you have a good mascara base because of transfer.

Full face pictures with it on. 

When I refer to Mascara routine I mean this the picture below. They are listed in order of use.

  • Curl with Shu Uemura eyelash curler
  • Shiseido mascara primer
  • Light cost of Maybelline One by One in waterproof with the mascara protector (on the far right)
  • A few coats of the Maybelline Illegeal Length mascara in waterproof  with the mascara protector
  • Use a lash comb to take out the clumps afterwards
After mascara routine for both eyes

If you guys are interested, I'll do my mascara routine tutorial.... >.<!

Look out for a collective haul video and post soon!

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