Monday, May 7, 2012


I'm all here trying be a more healthy individual in my food choices. I've come a long way from just eating a bag of potato chips a day! apparently, my choice in menu is so great my friends give me the "Huh, what's that look," during lunch.

I've managed to bring a bento box for lunch. KAWAI DESU?!

Not really, just a pretty plain pink which I like. I want to find a sleeve to bring it in or a lunch bag now. I feel socially awkward when I bring a plastic bag... Like I'm being scrutinized by the brand of plastic bag I bring. Now if only my culinary skills were as advance to make good sushi or quality Japanese cuisine this would feel authentic enough.

I'm a sad kitty! I can't really shop and I've known thus for a while because I still have to reach my goal weight. ALL THE KAWAII DESU THINGS?! WHY YOU NO MINE?!!! I see these all over my dashboard on Tumblr and on my Blogger dash. Even Youtube mocks me. My pants don't fit me no more well for the most part. Except the ones that are shrunken, my shirts are loose, and and I can't do anything about it -yet.Your probably scratching your head on what I'm talking about and it's a lifestyle change or "long term diet". It's just a lifestyle change, being more healthy and what not. I have one or two cheat days where I eat a little bad and I usually just post those food photos here. Don't think I eat this stuff everyday... if only I could. Are you guys interested in a post or video about my lifestyle change, I've lost 11 pounds since March 2012. You may think that's drastic, but honestly I ate extremely poor before hand and it's more on the terms of I liked one bag of potato chips a day, deep fried chicken, burgers, and french fries galore. All the like. I got to add in one thing, it takes looks of will and motivation. I don't want it to catch up to me when my metabolism finally slows down plus lots of benefits for the mind and body.

I feel like I'm too pushed in with the shade black and it has caused me to put together outfits that have little to no black. How's it working out? Hard since I don't want to be showing lots of exposed skin since I don't want to tan for the summer nor any other time of the year actually. Putting on sun protection helps, but to a certain degree. I'm currently contemplating of hauling around a cute umbrella or something. I don't even like accessories that much too because I find it just too much. I like simple pieces or little to none. I'm even on a self induced shopping ban. Oh why me. All my skirts are a hassle for school currently, that's out of the question and this includes the dresses. I feel I'm going to be sitting in the oddest positions and my lady parts will show.


This is how we chill...

Anyways, I've decide I want to be a Pastel Princess if not THEE Pastel Princess works as well. A girl can dream. Now to change my monochromatic wardrobe to pure pastels. Here are some Pastel Princess shots of myself. I'm too vain sometimes -most of the times.
Crying about not being a Pastel Princess
I blame my nails for doing this to me and all the blogs I follow and you too Spring, you too!


  1. That's a pretty cool lunch! Are you japanese? Haha. Oh and i want to know about your diet 11pounds of loss seems incredible. The only record-breaking weight loss I've ever made is from 55kg to 52-53kg, which took about two-three months. Haha D:

    By the way, what camera did you use in these photos? Incredible quality and it's not slr, i think. Thank you!

    1. Thanks! But no, I think if I were my mom would teach me Japanese cuisine to make which would be major awesome. Okay, I will do a blog post on it! When I get more free time (exams are next month for me x.x) I'm using the Panasonic Lumix LX3 and I got it as present from my boyfriend last Christmas. I really appreciate the comment by the way.


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