Thursday, April 26, 2012


I'm clumsy within the week I've managed to
  • One of my circle lens, not even the full pair only one eye! It fell in the sink with the running water... I really liked it!
  • I lost my favourite eyebrow brush in the sink too. I hate my sink.. LOL! BUT! I did manage to fish it up with tweezers and avoided being yelled at
  • Tripping yet again in front of my boyfriend wearing heels walking on soft grass. I didn't even run  this time and I wasn't in the dark
  • My mocommerical script, I found it after <3


  1. xD Gosh so clumsy! But who am I to judge, I'm incredibly clumsy too. Luckily for me the holes in the sink are small though haha.

    1. LOL! Indeed lucky for you, I'm a bit grief stricken because those lens were really comfy :(:P


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