Thursday, April 26, 2012


I finally able to receive my sponsored item, expect a review soon in the form of a post and a video. I hope you guys don't know what it is... well unless your from RL. Still waiting on my Sasa order, I'm such a mess. I really want it! This is partly why I don't order online, it feels like the delivry part is exceeding too long. To shed a bit of light on what I ordered on Sasa are 99% skincare and 1% makeup, trying to invest more into skincare than makeup. Reminds me of every time, I pass Sephora my boyfriend would want to pull me away as soon as I dive in. Since I think I would spend all my money there if he didn't protest so much about how much it's a waste it is. I only have one face, I can only use so much in a day. Now, when I past Sephora I fight the urges to purchase items that I probably won't use.

Also, I prefer to buy Asian skincare and cosmetics opposed to Western. People can argue that makeup is makeup regardless of where it is purchased or made. I find that because I'm an Asian ethincity, their products work better on me opposed to Western. They are formulated and directed towards Asian women that differ in the wants for makeup and skincare. Plus all the liquid liners in the Drugstore here cannont compare in lasting power with the Eastern counter parts. I've tried the most raved about ones and nothing, it always dissapoints. I get the cons of easily rubbed off to smearing. Other cosmetics such as mascara or primers doesn't do justice to my short, straight lashes. I wasn't graced with the best lashes as you can tell. I really need a good primer or mascara for it to stay up and curled plus a good lash curler.

Recently, I've been getting into cooking healthy or just cooking in general. I don't like the meals my mother makes usually and she refuses to make the meals I like. I hope I can get better, I'm going to try and make sushi sometime.. mhm! This is coming from a girl who was terrfied of buring her hosue down if she cooked even without the oven. I believe I've come a long way! Although, let me rephrase, I want to be cooking more healthy than how I use to eat. Nothing too drastic -yet.
I'm sure you guys are bored with my little mudane posts, but why do I even bother? I don't even know. Listen to Jang Geun Suk song Love Rain. After, proceed to watch the drama Love Rain, okay :)? Their romance has melted the ice from my heart, how will I cope when this drama is over now?

Anyways, I'm meaning to get a new phone. I want the Samsung Galaxy S2 or the Samsung Galaxy Note (since Yoona uses that in Love Rain). I thought about waiting for the iPhone 5 or just getting the iPhone 4s. I ditched the idea of getting hte 4s because I'd be an upset kitty if the 5 came out soon after I purchsed  the 4s. Waste of money to me and I feel bad because it's not my money, it's my parents who will probably purchase it for me. As of now, most likely going for Team Andriod. I hate to accidently update the OS for the iPhone and get my phone running slower or purchasing it at a ridiculous price. Share your thoughts guys, what kind of cell phone do you have? I want one to have a good processor speed and camera quality with a fast speed. I only like touch screens too and in a white colour.

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