Monday, April 23, 2012


     I just wanted to keep you guys updated on how I'm going. My sponsor shipped me their item a while ago and it departed on the 17th to me. Also, I ordered about $100 dollars worth of items on Sasa, the items have just left for here today or yesterday because I split my order into two. I realized I wanted more stuff and my dad agreed! It made me happy because it was his gift, since he couldn't get me lights LOL! I'm going to do a video and a post on my collective haul since I've bought quite a few things too.

     My boyfriend finally made me cave about playing Diablo 2 for the release of Diablo 3 (they had open beta this weekend). I do regret it...I feel I'd live like a hermit to complete D3. I love Diablo because it feels like your not grinding like other MMOs the quests are fun to do, the dungeons are always refreshing (randomly made), no crazy camera that causes me headaches, and the classes are so cool... What has my life come to? This is why I try to avoid gaming, I get addicted! Plus, I disregard every other thing than the game itself.

    I don't like the fact they switched the supposed Necromancer class in D3 which is the Witch Doctor. I can't have my army any more. Also, all the other classes get to retain most of the skills in D2 unlike the Witch Doctor. I don't know which to play yet, either Wizard or Witch Doctor. I do hope they bring back the Necromancer in an expansion. I mean, Witch Doctor is great, but I haven't been able to test it out if it's great for me in terms of play style. Scared that I'll be playing the Wizard and it might be too fragile of a character for my liking.

Diablo 2

Diablo 3

   On the other hand, I watched Love Rain which stars Yoona from SNSD (my bias). I can't begin to explain how much I love this drama and her. It stars Jang Geun Suk who starred in You're Beautiful. I haven't watched that drama because I don't like music or sports media much.I can't wait for the next episode to be released. Yoona looks very good in it, I like her because her face is original unlike the other Korean celebrities. Her smile is the best! I love his hair and his earrings after (I don't want to spoil it for you). All I have to say is pony tails never looked so good on a guy before I saw Jang Guen Suk in it...and his eye makeup looks good on him.


  1. Oh I was really excited about d3, but I didn't have time to beta test this weekend. o: How was it? Lame that they got rid of your class in d3 though. :(

    1. Nooo! I meant I missed beta too LOL! But I'm okay! I don't like to re-lvl usually. I'm really hoping they have it in an expansion *fingers crossed*


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