Sunday, April 29, 2012


Alright, just some food update today. Went out for dinner then desert with Pretty Princess at a new frozen yogurt place. You should try some, tasted good! It was a self-serve one, never had one of those before, but I liked that you could customize it yourself! It wasn't even expensive like certain ice cream stores or other frozen yogurt places. The cup was fairly big cup cost only $5.04 CAD, but only one size (I'm not complaining). It was priced by the weight I believe, I'm not sure of the finer details... >.<!

Do you guys like what we made? Chiefs aren't we? We could have infinite taste testing, but after 2 we deicde to go to our regular cookies and creams one. It tasted really good, will be definitely going back!

He got a points card, if you get over x amount, you get 1 free frozen yogurt! Pretty sweet, you can check them out on Menchie's on Facebook. I loved the place and how everything was inside, including the service. 


  1. That looks really yummy!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Oohh my gosh: I LOVE cookies & cream frozen yogurt! Om nom nom~~.

    And the 'smileage' cards are such a cute & clever concept!

    Oh-- and my froyo place is also self-serve: I've never actually been to a place that ISN'T. Haha.


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