Thursday, April 12, 2012

Feeling down, after

    Spent my long weekend chillin' with Pretty Princess again. I think he likes to feed me too much. I'm all KO after one dish usually. I feel like fat slob... Ate all this (pictures below). I couldn't even eat after I came home, I was still full unlike my boyfriend. He eats a lot.. I joke around and call him obese, but I'd love him no matter his weight or appearance.

     Did you know the tomato flavoured Pocky or Pretz taste too good. Like vegetable cracks (I love them!) and I picked it right up when we were at the store. Love them even more than strawberry, white chocolate, chocolate, and caramel flavour combined. The caramel popcorn didn't esacpe my grasps either. I sulked about eating these things after, but oh well. His sister, him, and me made two pizza. That tasted good, we had it on pita bread, he forced me to eat two slices. I know he would probably eat the 5th slice if I begged him. Thinking about it, I should of. As well as premade Filipino spring rolls, filled with pork. I think I had 2-4 of those and he just HAD to buy the  special Oreo cookies. I'll admit it did taste like Dunkaroos when dipped in milk which I did because cookies taste x10 better with milk.

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