Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Diary of my trip to the Zoo

     Hey, it's a photo entry where it's just a flood of photos I captured while I was at the Zoo this week. I hope you guys enjoy. I really liked it there, but it's because as a child I enjoyed watching shows like Animal Planet or Discovery *animal segment*. 

     Funny, I'm too scared of the largest Phylum of Animlia which is Phylum Anthropoda. I think I'm Gone with the Wind when I see one. I didn't enter the butterfly exhibit because of that... Have you seen those things up close *shudder*. My teacher gave me a photo of a tarantula for an activity, I screamed and my heart felt like it skipped a beat. She gave me the cute Japanese bunny after. So fluffy and cute. Thinking about it now, makes me scared.... as you can see. I never use to be scared of them if that helps. Well, I'm the girl who can be easily frightened and sadly my friends enjoy my dismay most of the time. 

Enjoy :)!

Bye bye, until next time :)


  1. no tigers </3 hope you had fun :D
    i love what you did to your blog! the design is so cute ^^

    1. The tiger is the 7th picture from the bottom!! Thanks for noticing! Gosh I thought I was the only one to be fussy about these things :D<3

    2. ohoho now i see it. <3 wow i'm blind -__-

  2. Your blog layout is really cute. :D I love going to the zoo. The peacock is beautiful xD


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