Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Daily Things

Went over to Pretty Princess's house as usual....

I feel really guilty because I've had so many pita crackers in garlic flavour! They taste so good. My boyfriend had to take the giant bos away from me before I did more damage.

We ended up after 30 minuties of fixing bikes, finally riding them. He has 3 bikes, so I wanted to ride the slightly higher one, but it had a flat tire. After we fixed that we noticed the front tire was also flat then the tire itself wasn't situated in the bike properly. Tired of trying to make that bike work, I said, "Fine, I'll just ride the small one... LOL! It has pegs, not even a BMX!" That took 10 minutes to inflate both tire properly so we could ride around the neighborhood. At first, I was like this feels good maybe I should bike to school everyday! Until a bit after my body got tired and I didn't want to be under the sun too long. I'm still contemplating if I should, I mean I'll just wear a jacket, pants, hat, and sunglasses. I realize this would look really suspicious because I'll be riding in 30 degrees Celsius weather, but I'm too vampric  for my own good sometimes.

On the look out for a new cloth expoliator and a oil moitrizer because I have razor bumps, etc from (not shaving!) epilating. Soap and my current expoliator is currently just not making the cut. It could be because the exfoliater is like a few years old.... LOL! Don't judge. I'll let you guys know how it goes.

Again it's a rinse and repeat cycle. I want to dye my hair and I don't want to dye my hair due to my laziness for touch-up. I'm not even certain of what colour to dye it. Pretty Princess says, "NEVERRRR! Don't dye it, leave it alone." Ignoring his opinion, I'd like to dye it a pastel shade or ash brown to light platinum blonde. If I just wanted to be safe I want to make it a chocolate brown or that common Asian brassy hair.

I've scartched my eyes a bit too hard a few weeks ago and there still in the healing progress! It sucks, I want to play around with different eye makeup styles, but I can't. I forgot to put on eye cream one day and it got bad again because the area around the eye got dry causing it to become itchy. My mom has been yelling at me saying I'll damage my eyes premately. Guess it's time to a trip to the doctor's....

OKAY, these are just camwhore pics of me. Changing around my makeup style and these are pretty recent. Before my eyes started being silly again.

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