Friday, April 6, 2012

Asian Times + HAUL

     I spent the day going at an Asian mall in the GTA. In the plaza of the mall, we had some yummy Mongolian Buffet again.

Mine :D
The popcorn chicken could of been more crunchy ~
This is what I love about this place, shaved ice. Taste too good with condensed milk as well. 
     I'm trying to find just the right sauce for my udon noodles. So far no luck. I'm a picky eater! I feel most of the items are overpriced, but I still buy them because I can't really buy items online which is more or less good. As I stated in my Rilakkuma x Korilakkuma LOVE post, I tried to get my hands on them and it just didn't work out. You can read about it in the Rilakkuma x Korilakkuma LOVE post.

My bag looks like a garbage .. kind a.. haha!
     I went around and got to the beauty shop and a gachapon machine. I tried my luck and got a cute little white bunny plush, phone charm. I picked up the Lioele Beyond the Solution BB cream under the recommendation of the nice sales girls. I'll do a review when I use it enough, look out for it guys.

     He gave me our Anniversary card, I'm mad I was in a rush yet again and forgot mine. I'm such a bum.

Look, Summer's Desire stars; Peter Ho and Barbie Hsu as my background

Going to be making a .gif of me and those socks... I really need a life. I have my outfit of the day for today to do, I'll be adding soon. 


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