Sunday, April 29, 2012


Alright, just some food update today. Went out for dinner then desert with Pretty Princess at a new frozen yogurt place. You should try some, tasted good! It was a self-serve one, never had one of those before, but I liked that you could customize it yourself! It wasn't even expensive like certain ice cream stores or other frozen yogurt places. The cup was fairly big cup cost only $5.04 CAD, but only one size (I'm not complaining). It was priced by the weight I believe, I'm not sure of the finer details... >.<!

Do you guys like what we made? Chiefs aren't we? We could have infinite taste testing, but after 2 we deicde to go to our regular cookies and creams one. It tasted really good, will be definitely going back!

He got a points card, if you get over x amount, you get 1 free frozen yogurt! Pretty sweet, you can check them out on Menchie's on Facebook. I loved the place and how everything was inside, including the service. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Daily Things

Went over to Pretty Princess's house as usual....

I feel really guilty because I've had so many pita crackers in garlic flavour! They taste so good. My boyfriend had to take the giant bos away from me before I did more damage.

We ended up after 30 minuties of fixing bikes, finally riding them. He has 3 bikes, so I wanted to ride the slightly higher one, but it had a flat tire. After we fixed that we noticed the front tire was also flat then the tire itself wasn't situated in the bike properly. Tired of trying to make that bike work, I said, "Fine, I'll just ride the small one... LOL! It has pegs, not even a BMX!" That took 10 minutes to inflate both tire properly so we could ride around the neighborhood. At first, I was like this feels good maybe I should bike to school everyday! Until a bit after my body got tired and I didn't want to be under the sun too long. I'm still contemplating if I should, I mean I'll just wear a jacket, pants, hat, and sunglasses. I realize this would look really suspicious because I'll be riding in 30 degrees Celsius weather, but I'm too vampric  for my own good sometimes.

On the look out for a new cloth expoliator and a oil moitrizer because I have razor bumps, etc from (not shaving!) epilating. Soap and my current expoliator is currently just not making the cut. It could be because the exfoliater is like a few years old.... LOL! Don't judge. I'll let you guys know how it goes.

Again it's a rinse and repeat cycle. I want to dye my hair and I don't want to dye my hair due to my laziness for touch-up. I'm not even certain of what colour to dye it. Pretty Princess says, "NEVERRRR! Don't dye it, leave it alone." Ignoring his opinion, I'd like to dye it a pastel shade or ash brown to light platinum blonde. If I just wanted to be safe I want to make it a chocolate brown or that common Asian brassy hair.

I've scartched my eyes a bit too hard a few weeks ago and there still in the healing progress! It sucks, I want to play around with different eye makeup styles, but I can't. I forgot to put on eye cream one day and it got bad again because the area around the eye got dry causing it to become itchy. My mom has been yelling at me saying I'll damage my eyes premately. Guess it's time to a trip to the doctor's....

OKAY, these are just camwhore pics of me. Changing around my makeup style and these are pretty recent. Before my eyes started being silly again.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Assault + How nice is enough?

Combined posts!

I don't know why, but I find a lot of contentment in blogging. Funny, I don't enjoy actually writing in a diary as much since I find my hand gets all cramped up before I can finish writing what I'm feeling and doing. Don't forget, I like to write long run on sentences to a never ending essay sometimes. At times, I don't post a lot of my personal posts because to me it's like I'm completely naked to be judged. A feeling I don't like at all. I hope you guys can understand.


I was reading through a random person's blog post on Tumblr. The person wrote about getting beaten up by an older person over the age of 20. Which I find is completely stupid because the adult is acting extremely irresponsible and at a house party of a 16 year old? Really?! I'm certain the person who assaulted the poor girl could be putting better use of her time. People these days, SMH. I hope the girl charged the group that attacked her. I want to add violence doesn't lead to anything all it is: hate, violence, bitter endings, emptiness, sadness, and regret. You know, the usual things. 

This is why I don't like the partying scene and I probably won't ever. A lot of unnecessary drama most if not all the time, I think I prefer other things in life to pass time and have fun with. If you guys didn't know I'm someone who can get situations  easily misunderstand unless someone says to me otherwise. Dense? Sometimes. I feel as well I get easily angry and upset which sucks most of the time, but it makes me feel like I'm a human too. Most of the time in situations where it more or less makes me angry I like to choose to just ignore the other party because I know a scene can develop quickly. *powpowpow* a few punches and kicks later, then I get a criminal record? No thank you! I want to be able to have a good record plus a good employment. I wish I could be more like a docile creature, other times not. When I don't think it through much I say relatively mean things because to me, I don't find them hurtful, but obviously not the other person. It's still a work in progress.. 


I wanted to write about being a nice person. Ideally, I strive to be a nice person, but how nice? I mean to the point I can shove off being beaten or people owing me $100+? Probably not because from where I was raise, I wasn't graced with buckets of fortune or raised nicely. You think I'm loaded, turth is I'm a pretty normal person and I don't have a job. It's called saving up and people who care about me. I will not lend money to people if they ask me randomly and are acquaintances, it's understandable if your my S/O or someone I know for a fact that I can get the money back to someone whom I care for. Take note, I have few to none of these in real life, if you think I have a poor character since I have few to none. It's because people can claim an array of things, but it's those who can back it up that are worth it. I take a lot of care for things that have a lot of value, chances are I wouldn't leave those items alone and if someone did break it, I would ask for compensation or I'd probably charge them. If people think I'm such a bad person for doing that, I don't mind. Opposed to being in a large sum of debit because I just let everything go or in a deep depression since I'm in debit... I'd probably choose to ask for it back. That would make me, content with myself. Since everyone preaches that they need to love themselves first in order to love others, I'll just follow that motto here. Well, if something did get stolen chances are I'll suck it up, but critically reconsider my choices of venue and crowd.

Don't get me wrong, I am nice here and I am nice to people in real life because it's called being polite. Nice to me? I'll be nice to you. It's where people cross the line that switches nice to mean mode. People don't understand why I choose to end afflictions with them, but I hope if they were ever my friend(s) they could respect my choice and leave me alone. You know when, you just can't say the whole story, most of the time it's like that. Due to lack of people being able to understand my privacy of that, I like to keep a cold distance to many. My preferences are smaller crowds or extremely important people in my life. Due to many past experiences of knives being stuck in the back, I find it hard to have faith in others.

I know it's my incapability to grasp the other party's emotions, that I think I'm quite heartless at times. Personally, people are too complicated. Why can't they just tell me things?! I'll probably just sit there pondering to my wits as to what's wrong then proceed to process how it is wrong. Result; utter failure as to seeing what is wrong. I'm too socially detached, to really care sometimes.

Brings me to the topic of trust, if I trust you, please trust me. If I ask you not to do something, please don't. Chances are I'll probably never have any faith in you again. Also, gives me an idea where I fall in the friendship category.

I'm not all gloom and doom. I believe life is beautiful beyond words or pictures. That tomorrow could possibly bring a brighter future. 

It's just my thoughts on how nice is enough, possibly it's never enough because people like to take and take and take. Never really give back.


I'm clumsy within the week I've managed to
  • One of my circle lens, not even the full pair only one eye! It fell in the sink with the running water... I really liked it!
  • I lost my favourite eyebrow brush in the sink too. I hate my sink.. LOL! BUT! I did manage to fish it up with tweezers and avoided being yelled at
  • Tripping yet again in front of my boyfriend wearing heels walking on soft grass. I didn't even run  this time and I wasn't in the dark
  • My mocommerical script, I found it after <3


I finally able to receive my sponsored item, expect a review soon in the form of a post and a video. I hope you guys don't know what it is... well unless your from RL. Still waiting on my Sasa order, I'm such a mess. I really want it! This is partly why I don't order online, it feels like the delivry part is exceeding too long. To shed a bit of light on what I ordered on Sasa are 99% skincare and 1% makeup, trying to invest more into skincare than makeup. Reminds me of every time, I pass Sephora my boyfriend would want to pull me away as soon as I dive in. Since I think I would spend all my money there if he didn't protest so much about how much it's a waste it is. I only have one face, I can only use so much in a day. Now, when I past Sephora I fight the urges to purchase items that I probably won't use.

Also, I prefer to buy Asian skincare and cosmetics opposed to Western. People can argue that makeup is makeup regardless of where it is purchased or made. I find that because I'm an Asian ethincity, their products work better on me opposed to Western. They are formulated and directed towards Asian women that differ in the wants for makeup and skincare. Plus all the liquid liners in the Drugstore here cannont compare in lasting power with the Eastern counter parts. I've tried the most raved about ones and nothing, it always dissapoints. I get the cons of easily rubbed off to smearing. Other cosmetics such as mascara or primers doesn't do justice to my short, straight lashes. I wasn't graced with the best lashes as you can tell. I really need a good primer or mascara for it to stay up and curled plus a good lash curler.

Recently, I've been getting into cooking healthy or just cooking in general. I don't like the meals my mother makes usually and she refuses to make the meals I like. I hope I can get better, I'm going to try and make sushi sometime.. mhm! This is coming from a girl who was terrfied of buring her hosue down if she cooked even without the oven. I believe I've come a long way! Although, let me rephrase, I want to be cooking more healthy than how I use to eat. Nothing too drastic -yet.
I'm sure you guys are bored with my little mudane posts, but why do I even bother? I don't even know. Listen to Jang Geun Suk song Love Rain. After, proceed to watch the drama Love Rain, okay :)? Their romance has melted the ice from my heart, how will I cope when this drama is over now?

Anyways, I'm meaning to get a new phone. I want the Samsung Galaxy S2 or the Samsung Galaxy Note (since Yoona uses that in Love Rain). I thought about waiting for the iPhone 5 or just getting the iPhone 4s. I ditched the idea of getting hte 4s because I'd be an upset kitty if the 5 came out soon after I purchsed  the 4s. Waste of money to me and I feel bad because it's not my money, it's my parents who will probably purchase it for me. As of now, most likely going for Team Andriod. I hate to accidently update the OS for the iPhone and get my phone running slower or purchasing it at a ridiculous price. Share your thoughts guys, what kind of cell phone do you have? I want one to have a good processor speed and camera quality with a fast speed. I only like touch screens too and in a white colour.

Monday, April 23, 2012


     I just wanted to keep you guys updated on how I'm going. My sponsor shipped me their item a while ago and it departed on the 17th to me. Also, I ordered about $100 dollars worth of items on Sasa, the items have just left for here today or yesterday because I split my order into two. I realized I wanted more stuff and my dad agreed! It made me happy because it was his gift, since he couldn't get me lights LOL! I'm going to do a video and a post on my collective haul since I've bought quite a few things too.

     My boyfriend finally made me cave about playing Diablo 2 for the release of Diablo 3 (they had open beta this weekend). I do regret it...I feel I'd live like a hermit to complete D3. I love Diablo because it feels like your not grinding like other MMOs the quests are fun to do, the dungeons are always refreshing (randomly made), no crazy camera that causes me headaches, and the classes are so cool... What has my life come to? This is why I try to avoid gaming, I get addicted! Plus, I disregard every other thing than the game itself.

    I don't like the fact they switched the supposed Necromancer class in D3 which is the Witch Doctor. I can't have my army any more. Also, all the other classes get to retain most of the skills in D2 unlike the Witch Doctor. I don't know which to play yet, either Wizard or Witch Doctor. I do hope they bring back the Necromancer in an expansion. I mean, Witch Doctor is great, but I haven't been able to test it out if it's great for me in terms of play style. Scared that I'll be playing the Wizard and it might be too fragile of a character for my liking.

Diablo 2

Diablo 3

   On the other hand, I watched Love Rain which stars Yoona from SNSD (my bias). I can't begin to explain how much I love this drama and her. It stars Jang Geun Suk who starred in You're Beautiful. I haven't watched that drama because I don't like music or sports media much.I can't wait for the next episode to be released. Yoona looks very good in it, I like her because her face is original unlike the other Korean celebrities. Her smile is the best! I love his hair and his earrings after (I don't want to spoil it for you). All I have to say is pony tails never looked so good on a guy before I saw Jang Guen Suk in it...and his eye makeup looks good on him.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lioele Beyond the Solution BB cream Review

I finally got around doing my Lioele Beyond the Solution BB cream review! I like this product, check out my video for the details.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Diary of my trip to the Zoo

     Hey, it's a photo entry where it's just a flood of photos I captured while I was at the Zoo this week. I hope you guys enjoy. I really liked it there, but it's because as a child I enjoyed watching shows like Animal Planet or Discovery *animal segment*. 

     Funny, I'm too scared of the largest Phylum of Animlia which is Phylum Anthropoda. I think I'm Gone with the Wind when I see one. I didn't enter the butterfly exhibit because of that... Have you seen those things up close *shudder*. My teacher gave me a photo of a tarantula for an activity, I screamed and my heart felt like it skipped a beat. She gave me the cute Japanese bunny after. So fluffy and cute. Thinking about it now, makes me scared.... as you can see. I never use to be scared of them if that helps. Well, I'm the girl who can be easily frightened and sadly my friends enjoy my dismay most of the time. 

Enjoy :)!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's in my school bag?

First video! I'm still hesitate on leaving it up... 
I'll update with a full post on it later. Check if out if you have time! Here's the video for now. Suggestions are welcomed, enjoy!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Feeling down, after

    Spent my long weekend chillin' with Pretty Princess again. I think he likes to feed me too much. I'm all KO after one dish usually. I feel like fat slob... Ate all this (pictures below). I couldn't even eat after I came home, I was still full unlike my boyfriend. He eats a lot.. I joke around and call him obese, but I'd love him no matter his weight or appearance.

     Did you know the tomato flavoured Pocky or Pretz taste too good. Like vegetable cracks (I love them!) and I picked it right up when we were at the store. Love them even more than strawberry, white chocolate, chocolate, and caramel flavour combined. The caramel popcorn didn't esacpe my grasps either. I sulked about eating these things after, but oh well. His sister, him, and me made two pizza. That tasted good, we had it on pita bread, he forced me to eat two slices. I know he would probably eat the 5th slice if I begged him. Thinking about it, I should of. As well as premade Filipino spring rolls, filled with pork. I think I had 2-4 of those and he just HAD to buy the  special Oreo cookies. I'll admit it did taste like Dunkaroos when dipped in milk which I did because cookies taste x10 better with milk.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm good

     I got to pick up the St. Ives Apricot scrub for blemish and blackhead control and it contains 2% salicylic acid. I believe I do have a big bias for St. Ives. products. Don't hurt me! I'll be using this for every other day or 2-3x a time. I use it with my own cleanser when I do use it.

     My mom was in a pleasant news after hearing something, she took me to buy clothes which does make me a happy camper. I realized  when I came home, they were all more fall colours, but I'm cool with that. I still love these items because they are what my style is. I stay away from b right colours generally and everywhere seems to selling neon greens, pink, blues, etc. Just not my thing.

     From left to right
     I got a collared white button up that is short sleeved and is flowy, I've been liking collars. I'm glad I got this. The second item is a bodycon dress that's a nude to cream with lace and flowers over it. My mom recommended me this, I'm scared it won't fit my body like it's suppose to. Lovely none the less. I got a crop/tappered sweater, I think it's cute to go with a black skirt or the like. I like the colour of the sweater and the cardigan I got. Speaking of the cardigan it's brown colour and I feel like I wear it quite nice with all my monochromatic items or neutrals I have. If I find the right shade of red for a tank top, I will pair it with this.The last two items are just simple undershirts, I got as basics.

Friday, April 6, 2012



Asian Times + HAUL

     I spent the day going at an Asian mall in the GTA. In the plaza of the mall, we had some yummy Mongolian Buffet again.

Mine :D
The popcorn chicken could of been more crunchy ~
This is what I love about this place, shaved ice. Taste too good with condensed milk as well. 
     I'm trying to find just the right sauce for my udon noodles. So far no luck. I'm a picky eater! I feel most of the items are overpriced, but I still buy them because I can't really buy items online which is more or less good. As I stated in my Rilakkuma x Korilakkuma LOVE post, I tried to get my hands on them and it just didn't work out. You can read about it in the Rilakkuma x Korilakkuma LOVE post.

My bag looks like a garbage .. kind a.. haha!
     I went around and got to the beauty shop and a gachapon machine. I tried my luck and got a cute little white bunny plush, phone charm. I picked up the Lioele Beyond the Solution BB cream under the recommendation of the nice sales girls. I'll do a review when I use it enough, look out for it guys.

     He gave me our Anniversary card, I'm mad I was in a rush yet again and forgot mine. I'm such a bum.

Look, Summer's Desire stars; Peter Ho and Barbie Hsu as my background

Going to be making a .gif of me and those socks... I really need a life. I have my outfit of the day for today to do, I'll be adding soon. 
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