Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tues To Weds

     I had to go to my local mall for my brother’s eye appointment on Tuesday. I tagged along to go to Fabricland to look for my backdrop and various other items.

     While browsing the selections of all the texitiles. I drifted to the clearance section and my eyes saw a perfect print for the back drop. It came to $4/m. I only needed 1m. It’s a tea stained colour with lines running through with little red roses printed as well.
Rant: Seacret Dead Sea man
   Eventually I was carrying four bags that were fairly heavy with my 3-3.5 inche heels on my way around the mall. Note, I don't have arm muscles to or the strong legs to support such a weight (weakling I know!). This man from Seacret Dead Sea stopped me and at first politely asked if I wanted to try the product. I declined, but I was tricked into going back as he said, “Can you please come back…” I’d feel like a big bum if I just walked off like that. I walked back to him, he took my hand and said, “Oh your nails are beautiful, but if your nails are this beautiful you want your hands to be right?” I’m like yes I know my hands are dry it’s because I wash them constantly, the weather is freezing, I needed a major exfoliating session, and frankly since I wash my hands often I find applying hand cream a waste sometimes. 

     Moreover, I don't like it when people touch me, espcially strangers that are jerks. He kept being pushy saying sugar coated lies that were a bit too personal for my taste, “Oh what a beautiful name,” “Got busy yesterday with the boyfriend eh,” “it’s only $90 online, but today there is a deal for $59.99.” I kept telling him, “No, I don’t need it. I have a lot of beauty products at home which I haven’t even touched yet,” but no this guy wouldn't back off. He kept saying, "When was the last time you were impressed?!" well no don't put words in my mouth and I was getting extremely irritated with this man. I walked off in his mid-sentence of trying to push me into an impulsive buy. He was just so darn in-my-space, pushy. Enough that I could smell his bad breath. The price is $49.95 on the website, he said it was $90 dollars on the website. The particular product is the Salt Scrub. 

     Now, not only is he a pushy creep, he's a sleaze ball of scumbags-pushy creep. Furthermore, he said the exact same lines to my neighbour that came with. On the other side, the exfoliant he used on my hand and the cream, did make my hands feel soft. I don’t know if I would shell out for a new emerging company like Seacret Dead Sea because I think the price is a bit too step not relevant to the brand and product. As I could use Epsom salt instead as my expoliant. They always find heterosexual males for these booth-beauty jobs. I think it’s a ploy for woman to be impulsive about their buys. I'll probably never buy from them; as first impressions make an impact and this was not a good one. They have such people representing them, it gives the company itself a bad image. 

A Vietnamese drink my mom made, it's really sweet :D!

Shang-hai Noodles

I'm eating grilled chickenm  fish, omelet and rice. Finished only 1/2.
     There is this supposed tripod at my house. Everyone says there is one at home, but no one helps to find it with me. Then they say why I'm going to buy one.... I hope I find it soon. I need to look for lighting now.


  1. omg how did i not follow your blog before.. I AM OBSESSED WITH YOUR BLOG. and your layout is so cute <3 i'll probably be reading it all night when i should be doing homework.

    hope you can check out my blog sometimes too? c:


  2. Checked out and followed :D!! TY<3

  3. Oh you made a new blogskin ??Soooooo beautiful!!! I love flower pattern <3 followed you back too ^^ I don't like strangers touch me too:(

    1. Yes and thank you! Florals are my favorite prints! Again, thanks for the follow back.


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