Monday, March 19, 2012

❤ { Spring birds } ❤

     I convinced mother dearest to take me to the store to purchase a few items. I ended up with 3 or 4 if you count the blouse. Since that particular top is suppose to belong to my mom. I don't mind stealing borrowing from her since I can wear a bit oversized clothing. I really like the style where a bow is tied to finish the look and collared shirts. To me they fit in the same category of trend.

     I couldn't find a normal cardigan... picked up a that gives off a baggy look. Just a plain black cardigan otherwise because I keep losing my black tops that are used to go over a tank top and etc.

     I found the loveliest long skirt, it's in a nude to cream colour range, I can't quite put my finger on it. It reaches past my knees and there is a slit at the back right in the middle. I'm not sure what to pair this with yet, but I'm going to have a look in what I already have. I saw a lot of waterfall skirts and just long flowy skirts in general at the store. That trend just didn't click with me, I probably won't try it, but who knows. I feel like it'll be kinda sad to see me in one of those since I'm not too tall. Sure it'll make you appear tall, but what happens when you stand next to someone who is actually tall and they wear it. I'd feel miniature and I like feeling being tall! 

     These knee high socks came in the same packet. I already have a few black knee highs, but no nude to cream colour knee highs. I picked these up due to the lighter pair. Funny thing, I was just jotting down a wish list of clothing to get in class and knee highs in a taupe colour were on it. To me, this is close enough.

     Just my binder for school pictured, I find everything gets too messy once too many things are added. I like to keep things visually bare and simply.


     I recently quit serving in my school's cafeteria due to it just got boring. I mean it was nice to get free lunch and hours, but I finished my hours long time ago. I just went for free lunch and the company. I just want to chill in my school's library, I wish my school included more comfortable places to sit or lay down. Sometimes, I just wish to sleep on my lunch to catch up on some extra beauty rest. Talking about school, I feel like a Eskimo because I stay covered up in the hotter weather. I just generally don't want any sun time since I'm way too paranoid of tanning, sun spots, ageing rapidly, cancer, and general negative affects of being in the sun too long. You don't need more then 15 minutes under direct sun too! Since the weather is getting hotter, don't forget your sun protection and yes even for your face. I never walk out my house without it. You should re-apply while out, but of course I understand there are difficulties in the area since not a lot of products made for people who wear makeup. Yes there are powders and such, but what if you happen to not wear that certain product, but other products.

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