Sunday, March 25, 2012

Soon, precious, soon

     My birthday is coming up soon and I haven't put too much thought in what I really want. I guess I'll sort my thoughts out here... for the world to know -cause that's not creepy right? Back to the topic of birthdays, but specifically mine; I don't even want a party, I'm not much of a party person or at least I don't want to. I mean, I don't indulge in drinking nor plan to ever and that applies to smoking and drugs too. Those are just my morals and beliefs. I'm too straight laced, but it can't be helped; I'm fine with it. The parties I think of usually have that or just people eating out, movies, etc, etc. I just want to spend time with Pretty Princess really.

     Moving on, I'll just tell you guys I do want to make YouTube videos, but I'm picky about the quality of my videos. You can even call me a perfectionist in that sense. I want to get a tripod for my camera to film! Also, maybe a backdrop because the background is too bland for my taste. I don't know how I'm going to DIY my own stand, but I'll try to make it work somehow! I just want one to drape the fabric I'll purchase for the background. Nothing too fancy. I'm not sure what I'll be doing about the lighting. Everything is just a vague idea as of now, but one I want to pursue. I like to do things that would fit my own taste and give a glimpse of who I am as an individual -slightly vain, optimistic, blunt, and apparently a perfectionist too *sarcasm intended*. That would be the reason my previous videos are deleted because the quality of them were just bad. Don't get me wrong, I like videos that are more laid back by a lot of beauty gurus, but I don't think it works for me too much. I don't have the air not power for it. Often at times, I ponder how will I do a tutorial if I can't see myself. I hope you guys can support me! I mean it would be cool if you could, you know?! Hopefully it works out.

Red X - object aka me
Grey rounded rectangle - a possible table
Triangles - lights
Circle - Camera+Tripod

This is so far what I envision for it. 

What I want for my birthday:

  • Tripod for my camera
  • Heels
    • Nude plateform
    • Black Mary Jane styled heels
    • Taupe wedges
  • Light coat for summer
  • Wallet
    • Coach, Madison Leather double-zip accordion zip wallet in brass parahment
    • Louis Vuitton, zippy wallet in pomme 
    • Coach, Madison patent small wristlet in B4/orchid
  • Bag
    • Coach, Madison leather flap carryall in black/silver

Typical girl things, mostly.

     Most likely I won't receive all of them, but a select few and that's fine too. I'm a happy camper both ways. I just like making wish lists as to organize my thoughts and lay out a small plan.

     Yes, yes it's just too sunny here for my preference. Thus, I hide from the sun. Applying sunscreen often is redundant and I'm lazy. So... hiding it is with a jacket!


  1. Ahh I'm the same as you! I want to make youtube vids but I don't want to put up low quality ones xD Looks like you're got a great plan though! What kind of lights will you get?

  2. I know, something about being able to do better really gets to me about it. Ideally, it would photography/film lighting while realistically.. make shift light stands and/or regular lamps with white light bulbs. I'm thinking maybe a florescent light with an white sheet over it. But I'm concerned of the potential danger of that.. I'm going to consult my dad since he has a knack for these things. I want to be able to film during the night <.<!


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