Wednesday, March 7, 2012


     Hello people of the internet world. I would like to just drop another review here. I'll be looking at the Lioele Brush pen eye-liner in black. I got a chance to pick this up in the store for $14 CAD. I want to say this is my holy grail (HG) eyeliner so far. I like the fact it comes off with water and when it does come of, there is none of that messy smearing!

Freshly swatched, left side is one coat and right side is 2-4 coats

Ran under water for 20 seconds, none of it "melted"

I rubbed with tissue once

After 3-6 furious rubbing of the tissue on the eyeliner
No indication of it budging 

Lioele is a Korean brand of makeup and has been gaining it's fame on the internet recently. They catch the eyes of people like me with the high quality of products combined with a cute exterior. It helps a lot that the prices are not insanely high.

     The colour when on applied once is a faded gray, but that can be easily fixed by going over a few more times to achieve desired opacity. It doesn't clump if you apply about 3-4 times as where some eyeliner have some nasty build up after. Since the first coat is quite thin. I don't mind that personally, but if you are picky about it, I don't think this is for you. 

     This liner stays on no matter how much or hard I try to smudge and smear it. Given you have to let it set which is a few seconds to a minute. I even asked a couple of my friends to try it and they were amazed! This is extremely oil-proof. However, when water is added into this equation the liner fades, but in a good way. This could be a pro or con depending on the person, to me it's a pro. Where there isn't a trace of the lines that are being smeared and smudged. I love that about this liner, I can cry and not have panda eyes! To remove you must have a excellent make-up remover or water and soap. I get mine off by cleansing my face.

    The packaging of this product is compact, where it fits easily in a smaller make-up bag. I like that it's simple and not some weird shape. The tip is a brush which gives it a sleek look. The tip is refined. The box of it, hands it an air of a princess. I like it!

     I was told that my eyeliner was getting too thin by a friend who use to say I lined my eyes too thick. This can give you a very precise line, but you have to be careful. If there are mistakes it can't be easily fixed. Your make-up might run since you have to use lotion, water or just a q-tip to correct the booboo. I dare say, I am getting pretty stellar in my ability to apply eye-liner especially with such an easy tool.

     This is a great eyeliner, I would definitely repurchase this. I might not since I've been hearing such great reviews on another certain eyeliner. If you are treading the waters of eyeliners and don't want yours to look like you got two black eyes, try this. If it helps, line your eyes with an eyeliner brush dabbed in an eyeshadow to be the guide line. This doesn't smudge at all like any of the eyeliner I've tried. I would get specks of transfer by the end of the day or it would be easily flaked off.


  1. :3 Seems like a really cool product! I love pen liners!

  2. Me too! They're so easy to use.


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