Sunday, March 18, 2012

♡ Resting ♡

How my March break went...

     I play Kazuya and Juri in Street Fighter x Tekken. I pretty much suck, but I enjoy it. My boyfriend who sucks ... beats me, so ya... We ended up playing this for basically the first half of March break then moved onto two seasons of 1000 Ways to Die for the second half. 

      These are pictures of a Tappanyaki place we went to for my boyfriend's dad birthday. Tappanyaki  is esstenially an open grill where the chif cooks food live for you. Basically live cooking, but of course it's a selected menu already. This place doubles as a sushi place too.

Not buns on the grill, but mushrooms!

I took home 1/3 of the cake because the other guests couldn't make it.... I'M SUPPOSE TO BE ON A DIET!
My life is too exciting.

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