Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pleasant Day with my Pretty Princess

     Finally a new update on my face! Haha. Just dropping by to show the most delicious thing that has graced it's taste upon my stomach. I got a pulled pork burger and it's a novelty here since there are not many places like in the U.S.A. I like the taste of the sandwich being sweet, but sour at the same time. I don't think I'd eat this on a regular basis, but as a once in a while treat. I recommend you guys to try one out if you can. Soon, it'll be my birthday and planning to celebrate with my Pretty Princess, nothing big or spectacular. I don't like surprise gifts much since, it's like sometimes I don't get the gift I was expecting. I'd much rather give people a list of items I want and then they can choose which one to give me. Am I being too practical? Since, if I won't like or maybe need it, most likely it'll be thrown away. Unless someone really knows me to the core and can just guess what I really want then that's cool -but I doubt it. Decisiveness is one of my less points because I just like to be 100% sure about my decisions, I tend to go back and forth. You could say, I'm just extra cautious....


Indeed, this how I spent my Saturday.


  1. You have amazing skin! :-D I'm jealous. And that burger made me quite hungry! :p

  2. o.O I think my skin is at it's worst point as of last week, but thanks :D! Yes the burger was most delicious


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