Sunday, March 4, 2012

♡ Here, again ♡

What my mother got!

     I ended up ordering the Pho Ga, Bo Vien which is the Chicken and Beef Balls Pho. I usually once in a blue moon eat pho because I don't like it too much. My family usually gets it. Funny, everyone got something that looked very appetizing unlike me.

     Funny story happened when I was at pho, the waiter hit on me, proceeded to ask my age and stuff. As I was helping my brother to the wash room. Awkward...I left to go purchase bubble tea and my mother he asked my farther if he could date me. I don't know if that is knowing shameless or extremely courageous to do such a thing. I lean to the more conservative side for these types of opinions, this might not match with other people.

Large, Green Tea Lychee with Tapioca

Cute dog? 
That's how my Sunday went. Pretty average.

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