Friday, March 9, 2012

♡ Hello Tekken ♡

Gift I use to "hit" my boyfriend with 
     The Hello Kitty balloon and a card (not pictured) was a gift to me from my dearest Pretty Princess. As me and him celebrate monthly anniversary and it was due to his insistence that we do. He finally gotten me one of these types of balloons and the first one which was on my birthday flew away. While we were walking to the bus stop! The winds were so fierce, I was barely able to walk. Finally, almost a year later I have a second one! I utilize my gift by bashing it on him... hehehe! When he need discipline and get your head out of the gutters!

     I went straight to my boyfriend's house and he was just so keen on me playing a certain game, I finally gave in. He really insisted that I also used a fighting stick to play Street Fighter X Tekken on PS3, I mean I like the controller, but it was easier to just recognize the buttons. Harder to actually move, I'm not loving the joy stick too much. He's teaching me how to play since he has two fighting sticks, so why not use both? I actually like and I'm not fond of first person shooters (FPS), turn based game play, rotating camera features, and fighters. I'm going to go look this up so I can decide who I should play tomorrow.

     We went out to for a bit and he took me around. I didn't bring my jacket and I think I'm sick since I've been constantly sneezing and have a runny nose. I mean come on! Really, on March Break :(.

Look forward for a tag post, skincare, and most used products + extras! I have it all scheduled. 

That's how my Friday went...

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