Saturday, March 3, 2012


Yucky dried hands and nails before
Left hand

Better nails, but stil dry and I don't really cut my cuticles... too clumsy :(


     I got my hands on OPI Alpine and an OPI top coat. As you see in the picture Alpine is the stark white, if worn wrong could be just like white out. I like such a startling white for my tips, the more natural whites are too soft for my taste. I did this all by myself! I had the help of a flat concealer brush (any brush the width of your finger nail would do, even an art brush), tissue, acetone, white nail polish, and top coat polish. You may add other items if you want.

Items needed: 
  • White nail polish 
  • Top coat
  • Flat brush (width of finger nail)
  • Acetone (works better in my opinion) or Nail polish remover - NOT PICTURED
  • Tissue - NOT PICTURED

     I'd like to say that first I applied my white nail polish on half of a nail, let it dry for 10 seconds. Then I dipped my brush into acetone dabbing once to remove excess. Using window whipper motions I shaped how I wanted the French tip to be. Let that finger dry then do the other fingers. Once done, add the top coat and viola your done.

I saw a video on YouTube with this tip, but I can't recall the user. I just wanted to share.

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