Saturday, March 31, 2012

Early Present + The Hunger Games

     In three days it'll be my birthday. I got an early birthday gift from my boyfriend. He kept saying he's getting me something ridiculous like a rock all of yesterday and I was expecting a Coach bag, Playstation 3, or the like. Instead, he got me a Louis Vuitton purse. My reaction is he could be trolling hardcore! Exactly when I received the big brown bag. As I opened the package to reveal the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM in the monogram print. I simply can't accept such a gift from him for my birthday and anniversary, but he wouldn't have it. I was completely caught off guard since he's the one that's terrible with gifts. I simply cannot express how grateful I am to be blessed with someone like him. I'd like to share a bit of why I am so attached to one person; emotionally, mentally, and physically. I don't expect people to fully grasp where I am coming from not even slightly comprehend. It's just that he's someone who has been there for me in my darkest hours of life so far. When I was at my lowest point and despite me pushing him away, he always caught my back. Regardless of third persons negative opinions he stood by me and I really feel happy to have someone care that much about me. Thank you, Pretty Princess.

I like the monogram print over the damier ebene and azur. It's just a matter of preference. Please don't go saying mean things.

     He gave me white chocolate Toboram too.. I feel guilty for eating most of it! But it tasted too good, it's my guilty pleasure. We prepared already spegati and watched The Breakout Kings again. My serving is way less then his. He's such a pig, my pig.



     Moreover, we went to catch The Hunger games and if you don't know what that is... your missing out. I haven't read the series because I only read a specific genre of books. Often fellow readers like myself agree the book is better then cinematic version. Which holds true to most movie based books if you were to ask me.

     Overall, the movie was superb, but if we we're to talk about the special effects it was amateur. I mean all the action scenes and some of the normal scenes were shaky! I mean come on. A highly anticipated movie such as The Hunger games should be give more better quality dramatic effects. The reason why Kaito was at such a desperate end could of been explained further as well as the relationship between Rue and the boy in the same district as her. Even the suspect villain turns out to have a heart and the chairman who looks like a kind old man turns out to be the villain.

     During the moment when Rue died, my eyes filled with tears, I tried hard to hold back the water works. Especially when I thought Katniss and Peter were to commit lovers suicide like the ionic star crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet. I am pleased that the ending did not cut to credits right away after the winners were crowned. I'm curious as to how the sequel turns out. I would urge people who have not read or watched The Hunger games to please do. It's worth all the hype.

Recently, I was contacted to do a sponsored review and if a goes well, you guys will see everything.


  1. AAAAAHHHHH lucky butt! your boyfriend must be a sweetheart c:
    happy early birthday!

  2. He is really a good boyfd , I can feel how much you love him omg so swweet!XD
    Oh I am going to watch The Hunger games too!!

  3. Thank you :) and ya you should really watch it, worth it.

  4. Lucky girl! I love the monogram print too over the others, there's just something so timeless and iconic about it.

    The Hunger Games were so good, you should try reading the trilogy!


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