Thursday, March 1, 2012

❤ { Review: Skin79 Super BB, Triple Functions } ❤

     I recently pick up the Skin79 BB cream in the hot pink label. It's designed for oily to combination skin. I have dry skin, but since I have bangs my forehead tends to get oily and breaks me out. Also, the gold label/version of this BB cream is a thicker consistency. The gold version also has more coverage, I hear. I wanted to start out to say that I've had my eyes on a BB cream with all the hype. I've never been able to get one locally. I head out to Pacfic Mall and headed to my personal favourite beauty store. The prices there are really competitive. I mean the it's a good $5-8 dollars of difference. I purchased this BB cream for $20 CAD (on sale), even when it's worth more then that. I checked the authenticity of it, if you guys woner if it's fake. It's not and it's real. 

    BB cream is suppose to be in between of a tinted moisturizer and foundation. Obviously, this is applied generally. It's an Asian sensation. Where it came with the Korean wave I believe. Ulzzang have been known for it and so have Asian celebrities. It's geared to improve the condition of the skin as well as cover it. Sephora and even the drug store has release BB creams, here in the west. It claims to have whitening and wrinkle properties. Alongside with sun protection which is great for me. I always put on sunscreen on my face! Remember this isn't a skincare item, but a makeup item. Always remember to remove it at the end of the day. 

Size comparison to a normal blue point pen

     Skin 79 Super Beblesh Balm Triple Functions 
UV Protecting
SPF25 PA++
Wrinkle Free
Contains: 40g

The following pictures are authenticity pictures, showing it is real. 

Showcase of the actual product

No BB cream

Product swatched

Lightly blended in with dabbing motions

Dabbed in, product is only on the left side of my hand. Noticeable difference.

     It's a one shade product. It matches my skin more or less. At first when I apply it, the colour is more gray casted to pale. As time wears on, it oxidized to my skin tone. It gave me a 

     It gives me a light to medium coverage. It does not hide redness from acne well. You still need a concealer, even when I tried to pat more of this BB cream on, it didn't do too good. It feels natural on my skin, not heavy like my tinted moisturizer. the consistency is like a lotion and blends in well. If you are not careful, you'll end up blending it too much. Nothing will show. Not a heavy duty coverage, but light remember. I don't need lots of coverage, it's a plus for me.

     I can't explain the scent of this exactly, but it's a light cosmetic scent. Nothing too overbearing, it goes away in a few seconds to minute.  
Finish look
     It gives me a good dewy look. I haven't tried to powder it, since I do like to look like "I'm glowing within". I feel like it doesn't last all day, but it could be because I use a powder highlighter over it. 

     Fairly well if you ask me, since I don't have further almost break-outs on my forehead. 

     The pump of the BB cream is quite useful. All you need to do is push the amount you need and your done. It does get messy if you apply with your fingers like me and decide you need a bit more coverage. I find it the size of it convenient enough to carry around and aesthetics enough to  please the eyes. 

     I find this product a good first BB cream as it did what it was told to do. I like the fact it oxidized to my skin, but I wouldn't recommend to someone who is beyond a NC30. I'm pretty certain I range around a NW20. If you ask why I don't appear that way, it's due to the lighting. It matches me pretty darn well and I have a good experience with it, but I wish it was more dewy. I mean I just like being glowy.

I don't like this at all because it breaks me out... I figured this out overtime. Which sucks. So take this review as outdated.


  1. I just bought this, haven't gotten this in the mail yet, I hope I'll like it hahha, but I'll keep not blending it too much in mind when I use it.

  2. Very nice review of Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream, it's so detailed. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing us your review. I will wait for your another make up reviews! :)


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