Sunday, February 19, 2012

❤ { REVIEW: C I R C L E L E N S - EOS GBK-4 } ❤

Hey guys! How's it going?

     I'm going to talking about a circle lens review. I've been sporting the EOS GBK-4 in black that is a 14.5mm lens. It doesn't look too alien like on me. If that's the first thing that pops in your heads. It's more so with my friends who have monolids or smaller eyes in general. My review will be around that, I'm not looking forward to the dolly look that much, but more of the toned down version or ulzzang. 

     I bought just a 1-tone black lens because I wanted something "natural" and since my eyes are already pretty darn dark. I figured why not. The problem is that since it's a 14.5mm and the pattern doesn't reach enough to cover some of the white parts showing. Having said that, this doesn't show up in real life, unless you are going to be starring at my eyes at point zero for at least a good 10 minutes. It's really not a big deal, but since I'm being a nit picker in this category. I will just conclude it with just 3 out of 5 hearts.

     This is a pair of lens that you can be wearing for an extended period of time and feel absolutely nothing. I mean nothing. Unless you are battling the gales of a tempest, no this won't dry your eyes up within 4 hours of wear. You shouldn't do it, but I've worn it for 12 hours. It's strictly not advised, I've put in eye drops to ease dryness. These still held up for me.

     The pattern for these lens aren't specially, amazing nor is it too dull that it just looks bad. These don't have anything like intricate rose designs, that I've seen for some circle lens. It just works enough. The reason for the low hearts is that it reveals the whiteness of the eye.

     Great size increase! I mean at 14.5mm. It's fairly natural. Unless you have bright eyes, then this wouldn't apply to you, people. Sorry. If you are looking for enlargement more on the natural side, look here. If not and you want dolly, then this isn't for you. I want a "hard to tell you are wearing lens, unless someone looks really hard at you" look.

     I like these lens for any occasion. As they are comfy, look good, and not too unnatural. Gives me a great finish of my overall makeup look. Completes everything like a bow on top of a present. I would recommend, but I would not buy again. Simply because I just want to keep trying out different lens! 


I just wanted to say that I will have a post or two. Maybe even more on queue. Look out for them!

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  1. Pretty cool~. :]

    S'too bad you got that halo effect when you were looking for a more natural lens, though. D: They're still damn adorable, though.

    And yesss- EOS lenses're so comfy. Love 'em.


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