Wednesday, February 22, 2012

♡ A Petal for You ♡

     I didn't get to snap a picture of my gift for Pretty Princess which is a bottle 37 reasons why I love him! Why just 37? Because there is a special meaning behind it. I don't want to dabble on why because it's something intimate between us. I feel happy because I made it specifically for him.
I love you very much, Pretty Princess.

     Since Pretty Princess found that Knee's birthday board game was so much fun. He decided to purchase it. I helped pitch it for it. So technically, it's half mine! He gets so competitive that it makes me upset sometimes. Until, I started to dominate the game. Guess who won?

     Yes! Of course, me. Look at this world domination. Maybe, I can be Lord Freeza, Evil Dictator of the World the First. I mean see, my minons are even red, that just screams devil incarnate all over. This game took forever, since we watched around 10 episodes of Family Guy on Netflix while playing. I like Futurama and The Simpsons over Family Guy, if you guys wonder. He thought he could beat me! Guess not.


     Ended up going to ice cream with his parents and his uncle and auntie. It was a local parlour, wait until you see what me and him got. It was yummy, that the world literally exploded in my mouth kind. Just joking, of course.

     Personally, I can't eat a lot usually. Knowing that, deduce that I can't even fathom to eat this whole plate by myself. I share with him. Also a habit of mine is that I tend to eat off others plates. It just taste better. I should stop, but no one at home minds too much. Pretty Princess always tells me to stop.. I try! He feels like my mother sometimes. This ends my Sunday. Are you a happy camper if you don't have school on Monday? Well, I am. Thank gosh for Family Day.

Extra shot of my colourful pens, I use for my school notes

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