Saturday, February 11, 2012

♡ L O S T ♡

Pretty Princess's gift to me, early Valentine's Day treat!
I feel like my head is scattered. I can't think, just do as told. 

I just wanted to talk about my prolonged absence... I was just busy with life. I mean school life primarily and love life. I really feel happy with my Pretty Princess. He makes me happy. I'll be deactivating my Tumblr account since I feel it distracts me from my studies too often. I want to focus blogging on this platform instead. I feel Tumblr somewhat dilutes someone's individuality and frankly I'm sick of it. Not saying the whole Tumblr is that bad, I don't want to really talk about it...

 Like my photos guys? I wish I posted more. I guess the shots didn't turn out as nice as I hoped for it to be.

I'll get around to more beauty, fashion, and etc posts later. I'm going to start my homework and it's a Saturday. I feel a bit lame. Just a bit. 

Hope everyone is doing well! ~

I will be a good person.

Please let me go.

I want to be happy without the worry of you.


  1. The photos look super amazing :) How do you edit them?

  2. Thank you! I just filled one layer with pink and another with blue. Changed the layer setting, merged and played with the curves.


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