Saturday, February 18, 2012

♡ English Rose ♡

      Pretty Princess was kind enough to get me red roses (my favourite flower) for Valentine's Day even with him living across town from me. It was touching! I made him a gift too. I wanted to say that despite that general knowledge of giving red roses for Valentine's Day, no matter one they are the only flowers I really want to receive. As to me, they are beautiful in many different ways. I find myself always being careless and pricking my finger on a thorn. Besides being ungraceful like usual. I admire the fragrance from these delicate flowers, meaning behind it's symbolism, rich colour, and overall just about everything. I simply adore. Sure, other flowers are pretty too, but red roses captivate me so much. I really like English red rose to be specific. 

     With Valentine behind me, I partied it off for my friend's "Knee". We played risk, even if we didn't know how to play. Half way, I played for my boyfriend. Ended up taking the win! Everyone says I made up all the rules! Given, instructions are not my forte, but I think my win was pretty fair! I will re-match any of them, any time, any day. Bring it.
      Knee had cute little chihuahuas! He personally doesn't enjoy his little devils, but me on the other hand simply loves dogs! I never had one, since my parents claim I am not too responsible enough to take care for them. Given my little gold fish died one day I woke up and my guinea pig simply "ran away". I think my dad gave him away! I know they don't exactly look like chihuahuas... I asked Knee and he said his mom is loving them a bit too much! Both dogs are adorable, none the less. The yellow one is Mellow (boy) and the black and white one is Emy (girl). They crawled over me while I was playing with them, if only I could take them home with me. Emy was the more sluggish one while Mellow was the hyperactive one, I enjoyed both of their companies lots.

       After all, that I came home to find a box of one of my favourite foods, salt and pepper shrimp on the kitchen counter. Just waiting there for me. I couldn't pass that up, so I ate it. I'm planning on catching up on some reading or maybe watching a t.v. show series. I prefer books over television because books are so much more alive to me. I can imagine myself in the story and I play attention more in a book. I also think that I like interpreting the characters for myself, instead of a visual. Like how Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer was ruined for me by the movies. I imagined everything so much better... Every snide joke about the series makes me sad because everything fits good in the fictional world of Edward and Bella. Their world was never really meant to be like this world. I simply fell in loves with books after Twilight, all the Twilight jokes get on my nerve. I just don't know where to start, but I wish they casted someone who enjoyed the role of Edward Cullen instead of Robert Pattinson.
"That's all folks!"
Enjoy your long weekend, guys.

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