Wednesday, February 29, 2012


No makeup..
My eyebrows are so light! HAHA!

     Just me here, I'm just dropped by to say hi! I have the BB cream review up for Thursday, nail tips on Saturday, and the eyeliner review for next Thursday. I'm an idiot and accidently posted the BB cream review early. 

     Recently, BigBang came out with their MV for Bad Boy. I just really love it and the lyrics. I can really relate to it. Their older-new stuff didn't intrigue me that much, but this sounds pretty darn good. Support them by watching! I can't seem to pick who sounds the best... :(!

I'm sorry, I'm a bad boy.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

❤ { Make-up Haul :)! } ❤

Be on the look out for the review of the BB cream and eyeliner... in a week or two.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

♡ A Petal for You ♡

     I didn't get to snap a picture of my gift for Pretty Princess which is a bottle 37 reasons why I love him! Why just 37? Because there is a special meaning behind it. I don't want to dabble on why because it's something intimate between us. I feel happy because I made it specifically for him.
I love you very much, Pretty Princess.

     Since Pretty Princess found that Knee's birthday board game was so much fun. He decided to purchase it. I helped pitch it for it. So technically, it's half mine! He gets so competitive that it makes me upset sometimes. Until, I started to dominate the game. Guess who won?

     Yes! Of course, me. Look at this world domination. Maybe, I can be Lord Freeza, Evil Dictator of the World the First. I mean see, my minons are even red, that just screams devil incarnate all over. This game took forever, since we watched around 10 episodes of Family Guy on Netflix while playing. I like Futurama and The Simpsons over Family Guy, if you guys wonder. He thought he could beat me! Guess not.


     Ended up going to ice cream with his parents and his uncle and auntie. It was a local parlour, wait until you see what me and him got. It was yummy, that the world literally exploded in my mouth kind. Just joking, of course.

     Personally, I can't eat a lot usually. Knowing that, deduce that I can't even fathom to eat this whole plate by myself. I share with him. Also a habit of mine is that I tend to eat off others plates. It just taste better. I should stop, but no one at home minds too much. Pretty Princess always tells me to stop.. I try! He feels like my mother sometimes. This ends my Sunday. Are you a happy camper if you don't have school on Monday? Well, I am. Thank gosh for Family Day.

Extra shot of my colourful pens, I use for my school notes

Sunday, February 19, 2012

❤ { REVIEW: C I R C L E L E N S - EOS GBK-4 } ❤

Hey guys! How's it going?

     I'm going to talking about a circle lens review. I've been sporting the EOS GBK-4 in black that is a 14.5mm lens. It doesn't look too alien like on me. If that's the first thing that pops in your heads. It's more so with my friends who have monolids or smaller eyes in general. My review will be around that, I'm not looking forward to the dolly look that much, but more of the toned down version or ulzzang. 

     I bought just a 1-tone black lens because I wanted something "natural" and since my eyes are already pretty darn dark. I figured why not. The problem is that since it's a 14.5mm and the pattern doesn't reach enough to cover some of the white parts showing. Having said that, this doesn't show up in real life, unless you are going to be starring at my eyes at point zero for at least a good 10 minutes. It's really not a big deal, but since I'm being a nit picker in this category. I will just conclude it with just 3 out of 5 hearts.

     This is a pair of lens that you can be wearing for an extended period of time and feel absolutely nothing. I mean nothing. Unless you are battling the gales of a tempest, no this won't dry your eyes up within 4 hours of wear. You shouldn't do it, but I've worn it for 12 hours. It's strictly not advised, I've put in eye drops to ease dryness. These still held up for me.

     The pattern for these lens aren't specially, amazing nor is it too dull that it just looks bad. These don't have anything like intricate rose designs, that I've seen for some circle lens. It just works enough. The reason for the low hearts is that it reveals the whiteness of the eye.

     Great size increase! I mean at 14.5mm. It's fairly natural. Unless you have bright eyes, then this wouldn't apply to you, people. Sorry. If you are looking for enlargement more on the natural side, look here. If not and you want dolly, then this isn't for you. I want a "hard to tell you are wearing lens, unless someone looks really hard at you" look.

     I like these lens for any occasion. As they are comfy, look good, and not too unnatural. Gives me a great finish of my overall makeup look. Completes everything like a bow on top of a present. I would recommend, but I would not buy again. Simply because I just want to keep trying out different lens! 


I just wanted to say that I will have a post or two. Maybe even more on queue. Look out for them!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

♡ English Rose ♡

      Pretty Princess was kind enough to get me red roses (my favourite flower) for Valentine's Day even with him living across town from me. It was touching! I made him a gift too. I wanted to say that despite that general knowledge of giving red roses for Valentine's Day, no matter one they are the only flowers I really want to receive. As to me, they are beautiful in many different ways. I find myself always being careless and pricking my finger on a thorn. Besides being ungraceful like usual. I admire the fragrance from these delicate flowers, meaning behind it's symbolism, rich colour, and overall just about everything. I simply adore. Sure, other flowers are pretty too, but red roses captivate me so much. I really like English red rose to be specific. 

     With Valentine behind me, I partied it off for my friend's "Knee". We played risk, even if we didn't know how to play. Half way, I played for my boyfriend. Ended up taking the win! Everyone says I made up all the rules! Given, instructions are not my forte, but I think my win was pretty fair! I will re-match any of them, any time, any day. Bring it.
      Knee had cute little chihuahuas! He personally doesn't enjoy his little devils, but me on the other hand simply loves dogs! I never had one, since my parents claim I am not too responsible enough to take care for them. Given my little gold fish died one day I woke up and my guinea pig simply "ran away". I think my dad gave him away! I know they don't exactly look like chihuahuas... I asked Knee and he said his mom is loving them a bit too much! Both dogs are adorable, none the less. The yellow one is Mellow (boy) and the black and white one is Emy (girl). They crawled over me while I was playing with them, if only I could take them home with me. Emy was the more sluggish one while Mellow was the hyperactive one, I enjoyed both of their companies lots.

       After all, that I came home to find a box of one of my favourite foods, salt and pepper shrimp on the kitchen counter. Just waiting there for me. I couldn't pass that up, so I ate it. I'm planning on catching up on some reading or maybe watching a t.v. show series. I prefer books over television because books are so much more alive to me. I can imagine myself in the story and I play attention more in a book. I also think that I like interpreting the characters for myself, instead of a visual. Like how Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer was ruined for me by the movies. I imagined everything so much better... Every snide joke about the series makes me sad because everything fits good in the fictional world of Edward and Bella. Their world was never really meant to be like this world. I simply fell in loves with books after Twilight, all the Twilight jokes get on my nerve. I just don't know where to start, but I wish they casted someone who enjoyed the role of Edward Cullen instead of Robert Pattinson.
"That's all folks!"
Enjoy your long weekend, guys.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I just wanted to drop a review by you guys! Hopefully someone is out there reading. I know some people out there find the Maybelline - One by One not good at all, but I'm here to prove everyone otherwise. People say it makes their lashes 'brittle', I'm not sure what kind of brittle they are talking about, but this mascara does not make my lashes that. I prefer a more natural set of lashes opposed to all the drama and volume. I like length and no clumping! Even if spider lashes are the thing now, I still don't really like it. If you want the drama look, then I guess this isn't for you. I just wanted to add, I've used this mascara before and this is a re-purchase. Mainly because all the mascaras were about $8 dollars and this was $5 dollars and I knew this worked great. I was going to purchase Maybelline - Illegal Lengths Fiber Extensions mascara, in waterproof, but I didn't want to shell out the extra money. Since I'm saving up for Pretty Princess's  birthday present.

I will be reviewing this based on the fact I want more natural lashes opposed to everyone's desire for the volumized look. 

Using my Shu Uemura eyelash curler for this.

Now, I'm going to show you the smudge test for this! Enjoy!

 I like it and I know it lasts all day and I'm not wearing a primer for this. I believe the pictures speak better then any words I can convoy. I'll try my best to tell you guys my thoughts about this since some people like words better then mere pictures.

Smearing-Flaking-Clumping: ♡ 
Re-purchase: Yes! Of course!

 Moving on, I this doesn't dent your wallet and can be found on or off sale at a good price. 

The packaging is pretty cute, I mean I like it and I'm not complaining. It does look like other Maybelline mascaras, but I don't mind at all. It could be better, but with the quality it brings who is going to complain? 

As you can tell in the picture, I have stubby short, downwards pointing lashes, and given I'm Asian. This pretty much helps it massively, but this mascara can't take all the credit. The curler is simply amazing and I recommend it. 

I can wear this all day, and it basically looks the same since I put it on. Unless you've been crying because of some RomCom, I doubt you'll expect smearing unless you rub your lashes like crazy. Which I don't recommend. I like the fact, it takes a lot of effort to really clump this mascara up, I'd have to really pack on the stuff. I'm lazy to wash my mascara comb and I get paranoid when I do it causes my eyelashes to flake a bit more throughout the day.

Conclusion: If you are out for more of a defined eyelashes, I say get this. This is one of my favourite mascaras. 
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